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FilmMe invited to Gothenburg Horse Show and Ashgabat International Horse Fair

Media release.
Published: 22-Apr-2013 04:00 am
Publisher: FilmMe

FilmMe invited to Gothenburg Horse Show and Ashgabat International Horse Fair

A finnish startup company FilmMe has been invited to promote its innovation to Gothenburg Horse Show where a Horse Industry Forum takes place. The Forum has been arranged since 2010 in connection with Gothenburg Horse Show and Grand Prix Final. This is the first time the Forum is held as an international event. The event shows the biggest trends in horse business on Thursday morning when the newest innovations are shown. FilmMe is presenting its automatic video camera system for riders.

“Our event is growing year by year and because of the previous success we are able to hold the Forum in English to an international audience that is expected to be around 800 visitors. FilmMe’s automatic video camera is one of the biggest things in this business at the moment and I am so glad to have them on stage with me”, says Mrs. Maucca Kärki from the organizing team.

Gothenborg Horse Show is held April 24.-28.2013.


Also Turkmenistan invited FilmMe

Turkmenistan holds their first international expo/fair of equestrian products on April 26.-27.2013 in Ashgabat. The Turkmenistan London Embassy invited FilmMe to show their automatic video camera innovation to the fair.

“We met the people behind Turkmenistan horse industry in Essen, Germany on March and they really liked our idea so it is a wonderful chance for us to go to such an exotic country to promote FilmMe”, says FilmMe Marketing and Sales Director Mr. Lauri Salovaara.

Turkmenistan is famous for their Akhal-teke horse breed which is the country’s pride and a national symbol.


FilmMe created a video recording system that follows its target and automatically shares the video to the user’s own web account at www.filmme.tv. FilmMe Group Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Mr Tapio Koivukangas, Mr Jani Lehto, both of which had a long career in Nokia and a media personality and an entrepreneur Mr Lauri Salovaara.


FilmMe video camera system is based on tracking and is able to follow the target by automatically zooming even hundreds of meters distance. The user of the FilmMe system is wearing a wristband, with the user interface including the possibility to start and stop the filming. The taken video is sent to the user’s web account to www.filmme.tv, there it can be shared e.g. in Facebook or YouTube.

In order to further develop the product, FilmMe Ltd. has been cooperating with The Equestrian Federation of Finland for a long time. The first target group for the product is riders, but FilmMe is suitable for numerous different sports as well as performing arts.

-          FilmMe has been elected as one the most promising startups from Oulu, Finland

-          FilmMe holds the alltime record in points for Technopolis Oyj organized Money Talks investor event from 2012. The points are 4.53/5.00.

-          FilmMe was nominated for Innovation Award in Equitana, Germany 03/2013

For logos and other stuff go to: www.filmme.tv/press


For further information and requests for interview please contact


FilmMe Group Ltd.

Mr. Lauri Salovaara, CMO

+35840 5268 205



Gothenburg Horse Show

Maucca Kärki

+31 (0)6 1100 3633



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