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Suomalaisen Työn Liitto

Finnish Industrial Design Agencies showcasing at the China International Industrial Design Fair

Media release.
Published: 29-Nov-2013 04:14 pm
Publisher: Suomalaisen Työn Liitto

Six top industrial design agencies - Pentagon Design, Creadesign, Aivan, Diagonal, Buorre ja Sebastian Jansson - are showcasing their work at the China International Industrial Design Fair on 30th Nov - 3rd Dec.

Hannu Kähönen, CEO of Creadesign and Designer Virva Haltsonen of Pentagon Design expect to create new contacts and have meetings with local and regional representatives to map out the needs and opportunities for further developing collaboration.

- Our Design from Finland stand represents the breadth of Finnish design know-how. Coupled with our strong network and the Chinese partners we can truly solve problems and create value for end-users. The potential of collaboration opportunities is significant, says Mr. Kähönen. Mr. Kähönen is already a well-known figure in the Chinese field of design: besides leading Creadesign in Finland, he works as a visiting professor at the Guangdong University.

Ms. Haltsonen agrees with Mr. Kähönen. She, too, would like to see the increase in exporting Finnish design competence to China.

- Only a couple of design agencies are operating in China at the moment, because executing projects remotely from Finland is challenging. We’ve been exploring the opportunity to create content for educational purposes and, for example, to get involved in organising various events. We have an agreement with the local LKK Industry Design Agency, and we hope this will enable us to get new design projects. Our goal is to design entire interior design concepts together with the Chinese; our know-how and understanding of design and the European markets and the strong, Chinese manufacturing competence would complement each other in a great way.

All six design agencies have been granted with the Design from Finland Mark. The Mark will be used as an umbrella brand during the fair.

- I’m positive that the fair will generate new interesting and long-term design projects, which will hopefully benefit the entire Finnish design sector and pave the way for those who wish to enter the Asian market, says Anne Luoto, the Development Manager of Association for Finnish Work.


More info:

Virva Haltsonen, Design Planner, Pentagon Design
+358 10 843 5503 virva.haltsonen@pentagondesign.fi

Tiina Hautala, Design Coordinator, Pentagon Design
+358 10 843 5509 tiina.hautala@pentagondesign.fi

Heidi Hyytiäinen, Project Manager, Creadesign
+358 44 344 8554 heidi.hyytiainen@creadesign.fi

Hannu Kähönen, CEO, Designer
+358 400 411 865 hannu.kahonen@creadesign.fi

Anne Luoto, kehityspäällikkö, Suomalaisen Työn Liitto
+358 50 571 1736, anne.luoto@avainlippu.fi

The Design from Finland Mark: http://www.avainlippu.fi/design-finland
China International Industrial Design Fair: http://www.ciidf.com/en/

Pentagon Design - www.pentagondesign.fi
Creadesign - www.creadesign.fi
Aivan - www.aivan.fi
Diagonal - www.diagonal.fi
Buorre - www.buorre.fi
Sebastian Jansson - www.sebastianjansson.com

Granted by the Association for Finnish Work, the Design from Finland label communicates the origin of distinctive Finnish design. The label illustrates the significance of design for business operations and commercial success. The Design from Finland label is granted to companies that lead the way in investing in Finnish design.

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