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Tampereen Messut

Subcontracting 2016: Industrial remigration offers great opportunities

Media release.
Published: 13-May-2016 01:37 pm
Publisher: Tampereen Messut

Today, we are seeing a lot of remigration in industrial production. Arranged in Tampere 27–29 September, the leading industrial trade fair in Finland brings together companies, experts and decision-makers to discuss this topic, as well as the impacts of digitalisation and lean management. This Subcontracting Fair's main partner this year is Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy.
– The remigration of industrial companies is a hot topic at the moment. Production is, at least partially, returning to Europe from Asia. The structural reforms and uncertain growth of the Chinese economy open up new opportunities for Europe. The key question is, whether production will be established in countries like Poland, or here in Finland. At this end, we must ensure increasing investments in companies and the extensive utilisation of robotics and digitalisation. There is constant development in progress, and the Subcontracting Fair offers a comprehensive review of the industry's current status, says Jukka Palokangas, Chief Economist from the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Digitalisation can enable global success for a small company

The main themes of this year's Subcontracting Fair are digitalisation and leadership. The event is implemented by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. in co-operation with the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Association of Finnish Technical Traders, FIMECC Oy, Finnish Society of Automation, and Lean Association of Finland.

– At its best, digitalisation can propel the growth of a small company, helping it to become an internationally significant business at an unprecedented pace, state Teresa Kemppi-Vasama, Executive Chairman of Kemppi Oy's Board, and Katri Sahlman, Vice President of Kemppi Oy responsible for the company’s business development, Kemppi ARC System software development, and ICT.
”Digitalisation – more opportunities, less hype”

Lean management strategies, aimed at increasingly flawless functions, have been a hot discussion topic in the field, especially over the past couple of years. Kalle Arsalo, Executive Manager of the Lean Association of Finland, notes that "nowadays, leadership is difficult to discuss without referring to Lean one way or another."
”By optimising towards success”

– Too often the objectives, responsibilities, powers and roles have not been clearly defined and are not concretely used in strategic or operational management. This causes ineffectiveness in the organization’s activities and thus the creation of a Lean culture and concrete development projects do not progress either, points out Pasi Vastamäki, co-founder and chairman of the board at Lean Lion Oy.  
”Why do Lean projects fail so often?”

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Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy is the Subcontracting Fair's partner company

In the past few years, the Subcontracting Fair has featured a main partner company. Following in the successful footsteps of the prior partners Ponsse Oyj and Normet Oy, this year's partner company is Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy, a metal and mining company with operations in more than 130 countries.  Arranged since 1988, the Subcontracting Fair showcases the whole spectrum of Finnish industry and leading industrial companies in the five sold-out halls of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.subcontractingtradefair.com, @Alihankinta, #Alihankinta
Subcontracting Columns: www.alihankintakolumni.fi/in-english/

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