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Tampereen Messut

Subcontracting 2015: Importance of partnership and networking is increasing

Media release.
Published: 21-Aug-2015 08:34 am
Publisher: Tampereen Messut


The Subcontracting trade fair will take place from Tuesday, 15 September until Thursday, 17 September 2015 in the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. This year, this leading industrial trade fair in Finland will focus on networking. The seminars and informational briefings led by specialists will deal with the key event themes: sales, marketing, as well as new materials and methods. Another topic to be addressed is the digitalisation of production and the benefits of this for the industrial company.

For the first time, the Subcontracting fair is using the Brella networking tool allowing visitors to book important meetings with potential contacts in advance.

– The Subcontracting fair is an important event. We participate in the event every year to meet our current suppliers and, hopefully, to also find new contacts. This year, Normet Oy is the official partner of Subcontracting, which means that we are visibly present and represented by a large group of people at the fair. The Brella networking tool seems like an interesting new feature, and we want to see how it works when scheduling meetings with interesting companies during the fair. The significance of networking is continuously increasing, and finding the right partners is a crucial prerequisite for successful business, says Manager, Global Logistics Pentti Köylijärvi from Normet Oy.

– All new services that facilitate networking are most welcome. Ponsse's procurement employees are very keen on testing the Brella networking tool at the Subcontracting trade fair. As a procurement manager, I visit several events every year, and I know that it is increasingly important to reach the right contacts and schedule meetings with them in advance in order to make the trade fair visit efficient. Subcontracting is the biggest industrial trade fair in Finland, encompassing one thousand exhibitors but only a limited time. If you haven't planned your visit properly in advance, it will be difficult to find the right suppliers and set meetings with them on the go, says Purchasing Director Tommi Väänänen from Ponsse Oyj.

Marketing increases sales, 3D printing gives competitive edge

The Subcontracting Trade Fair's three-day seminar programme includes speeches by experts ranging from marketing, design and new materials to improving compatibility. Tuesday 15 September Kaikki kaupat kotiin! ('Winning the deals'), seminar by the Association of Finnish Technical Traders and Federation of Finnish Technology Industries featuring case studies of successful sales work. Wednesday 16 September Marketing Clinic by the Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies (MTL), addressing new marketing methods such as gaming, event and blog marketing, and marketing automation. Thursday 17 September Yrityksesi kilpailukyvyn lisääminen 3D-tulostuksen avulla ('Competitive edge from 3D printing'), seminar by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and Tampere University of Technology dealing with productivity enhancement with the help of computer systems.
Read more at www.subcontractingtradefair.com (Programme)

Päivi Myllykangas, Tredea Oy, and Kaija Pöysti, Intosome Oy: The importance of partners is increasing

– Traditionally, price has been the major competitive factor for subcontractor networks, and this certainly continues to be true today. Nevertheless, partnership is becoming more important in reshaping industry as the functionality of network relationships and business value creation are based on trust and sharing information. Few companies are able to reach full business efficiency and benefits on their own. A subcontracting network that efficiently utilises digitalisation may be one of the foundations of reshaping industry’s competitive edge, state Managing Director Päivi Myllykangas from Tredea Oy and Senior Partner Kaija Pöysti from InsoSome Oy.
Column by Päivi Myllykangas and Kaija Pöysti: Subcontracting enhances digitally reshaping industry

Mikko Reinikka, Albert Hall Finland Oy Ltd: Marketing is not an expense

– The Finnish engineering education has created certainly hundreds of potential ingenious innovations. But only professional marketing will open their uniqueness to the world. Marketing is not a cost, it’s an integral part of the product supply chain, says entrepreneur Mikko Reinikka from Albert Hall Finland Oy.
Column by Mikko Reinikka: Inhale the Future

Timo Rask, Normet Oy: What is the key to success in future competition?

– Over the past decades, businesses have focused on various themes when seeking differentiation and an improved competitive position. Today, companies swear by digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT). Trends come and go and all of the above-mentioned aspects are still important. In practice, many of them have become self-evident requirements that don't really serve as differentiating features in global competition. So, where could one find the philosopher’s stone? How can one compete successfully in the future and what is the role of all of us in this situation? Perhaps it would be better to focus on the customer’s processes and real needs, notes Managing Director Timo Rask from Normet Oy.
Column by Timo Rask: From trends to value chains

Topical writings about Finland's industry and economy: www.alihankintakolumni.fi

Organized since 1988, the Subcontracting Trade Fair introduces the entire Finnish industrial sector and the top companies. The Subcontracting Trade Fair will fill all five halls of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre and feature approximately 1,000 exhibitors from some 20 countries. Every year, there are over 2,000 new innovations. The event showcases products, services and solutions of the subcontracting industry ranging from metal, electronics, plastic and rubber industries to industrial ICT solutions and related design and consultation services. A total of 16,893 industrial executives and specialists visited the Subcontracting Trade Fair in 2014.  Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd's main partners are the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, the Rubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland, the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation and the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY).

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FURTHER INFORMATION: www.subcontractingtradefair.com

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