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Finnish software company digitalizes support services for organizations first in the World

Media release.
Published: 22-Dec-2015 11:30 am
Publisher: Service-Flow

Service-Flow is the first software service (SaaS) for service integrations created in cloud in 2011. The uniqueness of the service lies in the simple, efficient and smooth way in which the service customers and service providers can link up their service management tools and processes.

"IT has become an integral part of all areas of an organization. The mental image of the role of information management as part of the business is changing in the right direction, but still IT is often seen as a complex cost item which is difficult to understand, and its benefits to an organization are hard to see, let alone to measure. This applies also to the production and delivery of outsourced services" says Juha Berghäll, CEO of the company.

"We help companies to tackle the challenges related to IT outsourcing, IT service management and integrations by providing a simple, user-driven and understandable way to transfer information between organizations, despite different tools, processes and data. To some extend, we operate in the role of a "translator", Berghäll explains.

"The main difference to technology driven service integration is the fact that we have already included most of the significant service providers in Europe in our service (for example Accenture, Atos, Capgemini, CGI, HCL, Tieto) and can enable the transfer of tickets and data also between service providers without complex and expensive integration projects".

Service-Flow opened an office in London this fall, and is seeking growth especially in the UK market in 2016. "In Finland and in the Nordic countries we have already great customerships. Our service is designed for organizations employing over 2 000 people, and in the UK there are plenty of actors in this size class. In addition, many organizations have already moved to the multisourcing model. The efficient operation of this model requires seamless coordination and better control of the services", says Berghäll.

In the coming years Service-Flow wants to conquer also US and European markets. The company is in constant search of cooperation partners and is expanding its dealership network to boost the international growth.

"The experimental culture and agile development are an integral part of our operation. We want to offer our customers an opportunity to get more out of the outsourced business support services with the help of better control and automation enabled by digitalization. IT doesn't have to be complex, slow and expensive anymore. We want to change the World in this respect", says Juha Berghäll.

Service-Flow is a Finnish software company specialized in developing and producing the world's first SaaS solution for Service Integration. www.service-flow.com

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