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EU-Russia Innovation Forum & EBN Annual Congress

Businesses seek growth at Innovation Forum

Media release.
Published: 13-Jun-2012 02:22 pm
Publisher: EU-Russia Innovation Forum & EBN Annual Congress

Starting today, the EU-Russia Innovation Forum and the EBN Annual Congress are bringing over 800 people to Lappeenranta, Finland, from 34 different countries. Experts in business and education are discussing the possibilities and means for economic growth. In the current economic situation, a combination of internationalization, education, collaboration and open innovation, represent pathways for both companies and countries to find new possibilities for growth.

”The current economic crisis further deepens our resolve to enhance competitiveness and innovation. We have long since embraced the principle of open innovation and global networking as the best policy to assist in this challenge”, said Joe Greaney, President of EBN.

To succeed in the future, companies have to find new and more efficient ways of working. With this year’s theme, Challenging the Future, the organizers want to emphasize a candid attitude. Innovation and education that stem from research are vital conditions for companies to renew themselves.

”There is a strong scientific base both in Europe and in Russia on which we can create new knowledge together. We need new knowledge also in business development”, said Minna Martikainen, Vice Rector of Lappeenranta University of Technology.

There are 130 speakers coming from around the world to the event. During the three days of the event, participants will join a journey of sessions and workshops dealing with topics related to energy, environment, logistics, mobility, or nanotechnology. The spotlight is on research and education, incubation and business. The ultimate objective is to offer participants the possibilities to network.

”Both Europe and Russia benefit from cooperation because they have different needs. Europe has a great need to find new ways for economic growth while Russia has the need to develop its infrastructure, among other aspects of its economy,” said Vice Rector Minna Martikainen.

More information:
Minna Martikainen
Vice Rector, Professor
Lappeenranta University of Technology
tel. +358 40 569 2652

Event in brief

The EU-Russia Innovation Forum and the EBN Congress are being arranged in Lappeenranta on 13-15 June 2012. The events provide support for cooperation between the EU and Russia by concrete means – providing information and contacts. The themes of this year's event are energy and the environment, logistics and mobility, as well as networking for companies. The events are being organized by the City of Lappeenranta, Lappeenranta Technical University and the European BIC Network.


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