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Merivaara Corp

Markku Aherto appointed as CEO of Merivaara Corporation

Media release.
Published: 13-Apr-2015 12:17 pm
Publisher: Merivaara Corp

Merivaara Corporation, a Finnish company providing hospital furnishing and operating room solutions, announced today the appointment of its new CEO, Mr Markku Aherto. Mr. Aherto has been working as Sales Director of the company since January 2015. Prior to that Aherto has worked in the Board of OscareMedical Oy. Mr Aherto has also earlier been working for Merivaara, as Director of Export Sales and Marketing, between 2005 and 2011. Furthermore, he has held several sales, marketing and general management positions for e.g. Hackman Metos Oy and Planmeca Oy.

”Markku Aherto knows Merivaara both as a company and its products and customers globally. On top of having a solid track record in sales and business management, Mr Aherto has extensive experience in development and sales of customer-oriented products, services and business partnerships. I firmly believe that he will take Merivaara to a new stage of development and growth. We are very pleased to see him back with the company in the role of CEO”, said Matti Bergendahl, Chairman of the Board of Merivaara.

Merivaara is one of the first and leading health technology companies in Finland. Established in 1901, its first products comprised iron beds for homes and hospitals. The first operating table was produced in 1910. During 50 years Merivaara was part of Instrumentarium Oy, later acquired by GE Healthcare. Nowadays Merivaara is a private company, investing in new high tech solutions for health care providers in both domestic and international markets. 

Markku Aherto told, "Having known Merivaara, its products and personnel for a long time, it was easy for me to join the company again. I feel excited about developing the company, and accepting the new role as CEO is a natural step forward."

Petteri Saarinen, who has acted as Interim CEO since September, continues in the background as Senior Advisor to private-equity firm Intera Partners, main shareholder of Merivaara Corp.

Further information:

Matti Bergendahl, Chairman of the Board, Merivaara Corp., Tel +358 40 833 5461
Markku Aherto, CEO, Merivaara Corp., Tel. +358 40 778 6613


About Merivaara Corp.

Founded in Finland in 1901, Merivaara today offers a wide range of equipment and solutions for hospitals, day surgery and health clinics, as well as for nursing homes and home care. The product range includes both integrated operating room management systems and medical furniture. Merivaara’s operating tables, medical lights, examination tables, trolleys and stretchers, as well as birthing and patient beds, are highly appreciated by users in more than 120 countries thanks to their ease of use, durability and ergonomic design. Merivaara employs approximately 120 persons in four countries. Headquarters with R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing and after-sales service functions, are located in Lahti, Finland. Merivaara has subsidiaries in Norway (Merivaara A/S) and Sweden (Merivaara AB), as well as a sales organisation in Russia. Additionally, Merivaara’s products are sold by a network of distributors around the world. Read more about Merivaara at www.merivaara.com.

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