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Tampereen Messut

NETWORK 2017: Network business field becomes electric through investments

Media release.
Published: 07-Sep-2016 12:12 pm
Publisher: Tampereen Messut

The Trade Fair for Electricity and Information Networks held in Tampere 25–26 January 2017 is a place for networking, which brings together the entire field behind one, shared mission: The electricity market act that came into force in 2013 as well as the rapid development of network business bring continuous reforms, changes and, in particular, investments in the field. Over 80% of the exhibition space of this one of the most rapidly growing events of Tampere Trade Fairs has already been reserved, and a record-breaking number of Swedish exhibitors are coming to the fair. For the first time, a new Vuoden Verkostoteko – Network Act of the Year – award will be allocated during the fair.

“All of us working in this field have a common mission to ensure that the energy and information networks are functional and meet the requirements of the electricity market act by 2026. The storms that have raged in Finland during the recent years have further emphasised the role of underground cabling, which in part brings investments into the field. The contents of the Network trade fair have seen some changes, too. For example, street lighting will have significantly more visibility in the upcoming fair than before. However, the most important reason to come to the fair is the fact that within these walls, visitors can meet a staggering number of important buyers, workers, partners, colleagues and competitors.  This is networking in all the meanings of the word”, says project manager Raimo Pylvänäinen from Tampere Trade Fairs.

Network Act of the Year award highlights exemplary operators of a growing field

Network Act of the Year is a new honorary award for network business, which will be awarded for the very first time during the opening ceremony of Network 2017 trade fair. This award's purpose is to highlight some of the exemplary operators of this continuously growing field. The award winner is selected by a jury consisting of the experts in the field, including the director of Finnish Energy organisation, Kenneth Hänninen, sales manager Lassi Siivola from Nestor Cables Oy and technical manager Esa Tiainen from STUL.

The most significant decision-makers, customers and users through one visit

The Network trade fair has become a main event of electricity and information network professionals that is focused on topical questions and the necessary solutions, in particular with regard to network design and construction.

”The Network trade fair is a comprehensive cross-section of the field and its selection, products, solutions, and services, and it is also an excellent opportunity to network with the field's operators. At the same time, you can meet all the most significant decision-makers, customers and users of the field and present your products to a large crowd of clients. With just one visit, you can find solutions from many different operators and experts”, says sales manager Markku Rantio from Ensto Finland Oy.

Network trade fair showcases products and services related to electricity, telecommunication and information networks, network products and services, electric car infrastructure, street and road lighting and traffic information systems. Tampere Trade Fairs will hold the Network trade fair in cooperation with Finnish Energy organisation, Adato Energia Oy and Teleprikaati Oy. The last time the event was organised in 2015 and had 145 exhibitors and 4,806 fair visitors. The Network trade fair is targeted at the professionals of network business, and they have been held in Tampere since 1992.

MORE INFORMATION: www.verkostomessut.fi, @TampereenMessut, #Verkosto, facebook.com/tampereenmessut
Tampere Trade Fairs, firstname.lastname@tampereenmessut.fi
Raimo Pylvänäinen, Project Manager, tel. +358(0) 400 671 923
Tanja Järvensivu, Event and Communications Manager, tel. +358(0) 50 536 8133, @TanjaJarvensivu
Jenna Antila, Communications Officer, tel. +358(0) 40 172 1188, @Jenna_messuaa


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