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Tampereen Messut

Subcontracting: digitalization and leadership – a showcase for Finnish industry

Media release.
Published: 11-Mar-2016 09:27 am
Publisher: Tampereen Messut

Productivity is the magic word of the moment in every workshop and office. The International Subcontracting Trade Fair 2016 tackles this challenge with the tools provided by digitalization and leadership. During 27–29 September, Finland’s leading industry trade fair brings together companies, experts and decision-makers to discuss the effect digitalization has on industry and how lean management can be applied, among other things, to people management. The Subcontracting Trade Fair, to be held in Tampere, has been sold out again this year, and a record number of international exhibitors will participate.      

“As we strive towards methods that work smoothly, we must understand the current state of processes, describe value chains and highlight common disturbances in a way that enables fast reactions to them. The focus of lean thinking is on personnel and management. A major cultural change regarding methods is often not achieved, unless we focus on the systematic development of the organization’s internal problem-solving ability. If we don’t, lean management never develops into anything more than just a tool for the personnel responsible for development, and it will never be an asset that changes the modus operandi of the entire organization,” says Kalle Arsalo, Executive Manager of Lean Association of Finland.

Kalle Arsalo, Executive Manager, Lean Association of Finland: “By optimising towards success”

This year, the main themes of the Subcontracting Trade Fair are digitalization and leadership. In the implementation of these themes, Tampereen Messut Oy partners with the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, the Association of Finnish Technical Traders, FIMECC Oy, the Finnish Society of Automation, and the Lean Association of Finland.

Subcontracting is productivity and trust shaking hands

“In our digitalizing world, more and more business is conducted via electronic channels, because they streamline our activities. Nevertheless, I’ve had many people say to me that, especially in this changed environment, personal meetings are becoming increasingly important. In addition to productivity, the current keyword is trust, and trust is only created by communication. When there is trust, even difficult issues can be handled smoothly together. The Subcontracting Trade Fair has been sold out again this year, and a record number of international exhibitors will participate. This shows that the companies in this industry value personal meetings both in domestic and global trade, and they think that the new ideas and networking opportunities provided by industry events are a prerequisite for increasing productivity,” says Jani Maja, Product Group Manager from Tampereen Messut Oy.  

One thousand exhibitors from twenty countries will participate in the Subcontracting Trade Fair

The Subcontracting Trade Fair showcases the entire Finnish industry and its top companies. With its one thousand exhibitors from twenty countries, the Trade Fair will occupy all five halls of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Every year, over 2,000 innovations are presented. The Trade Fair will exhibit subcontracting industry products, services and solutions related to industrial ICT solutions and design and consulting services targeted at metal, electronics, plastics and rubber industries.

In autumn 2015, the Subcontracting Trade Fair was visited by 16,955 industry decision-makers and experts. Tampereen Messut Oy organizes the Subcontracting Trade Fair with its main cooperation partners: the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, the Rubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland, the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation, and the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY. This trade fair has been a regular event since 1988.

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.alihankinta.fi, @Alihankinta, #Alihankinta.
Subcontracting articles: www.alihankintakolumni.fi (In English).

Tampereen Messut Oy, www.tampereenmessut.fi, firstname.lastname@tampereenmessut.fi,
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Jani Maja, Product Group Manager, +358 50 356 1325, @maja_jani
Tanja Järvensivu, Event and Communications Manager, +358 50 536 8133, @TanjaJarvensivu
Meri Mattila, Communications Officer, +358 400 914 877, @MeriTMattila


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