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MPS Enterprises Ltd and Prewise Oy to merge

Media release.
Published: 20-Aug-2012 10:00 am
Publisher: MPS-Yhtiöt

Press release 20 August 2012


MPS Enterprises Ltd and Prewise Oy to merge

MPS Enterprises Ltd will acquire a majority holding of the corporate digital learning services provider Prewise Oy, making Prewise a subsidiary of MPS Enterprises.

The merger will create a unique service provider whose expertise is in personnel centric management and development. The new group will provide comprehensive support for customers with leadership, management and transition challenges as well as high level assessment and development services. 

”As a result of the merger, MPS will gain world-class digital channel and content creation knowledge. This will strengthen and support each MPS company’s position both as a whole and as individual market leaders in their own fields of expertise. In addition to the local operations, the international operations will also substantially gain strength”, says MPS Enterprises Ltd’s CEO, Chairman of the board Mr. Marcus Herold. “Prewise is a natural progression of our growth strategy that aims for superior overall services in the fields of leadership development and human resource management. The digital operational environment know-how is particularly beneficial to our international customers.”  

”Both companies have strong competencies that bring great additional value to customers’ transition management. We work together with our customers as developers of skills and capabilities and help them in recognizing people’s strengths and finding them the right positions.

“We have quickly identified as our most interesting development areas the building of a joint transition management offering, providing extended services to our current customers also including recruitment and coaching services both in Finland and internationally”, Mr. Herold says. 

”Prewise’s position will strengthen in those areas in which we have previously operated mainly through our partners. Prewise’s service offering will be complemented by MPS’s consultancy, coaching services and leadership development. This will widen our possibilities in gaining a larger role in our customers’ transition processes and providing more of the support our customers’ need”, says Prewise’s Chairman of the board Mr. Iiro Pohjanoksa.

Prewise currently employs around 70 professionals. Post-merger, the number of MPS Enterprises staff will be approximately 200 people. Mr. Timo Raaska will remain as Prewise’s CEO. Prewise will continue its operations under the current name and brand as a part of MPS Enterprises. Due to the arrangement, Prewise’s main shareholders Mr. Raaska and Mr. Pohjanoksa will become MPS Enterprise Ltd’s stakeholders and Mr. Pohjanoksa will, in the future, become a board member of MPS Enterprise Ltd. 


More information

MPS Enterprises Ltd, Mr. Marcus Herold, Chairman of the board, Senior Partner

Tel. +358 400 666 663, marcus.herold@mps.fi

Prewise Oy, Mr. Iiro Pohjanoksa, Chairman of the board, Senior Consultant, Senior Partner

Tel. +358 500 827 384, iiro.pohjanoksa@prewise.com


MPS in brief

MPS is a Finnish company operating internationally providing expertise in management and strategic personnel solutions. With 37 years of knowledge we know that good management and motivated personnel are the basis for business success. In Finland our companies are MPS Finland Consulting Oy, MPS Executive Search Oy and Prewise Oy. MPS Companies operating in the Baltic Countries, in Russia and in China as well as our international networks EXS International and Career Star Group ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers both in Finland and abroad. www.mps.fi, www.mpsglobe.com


Prewise in brief 

Prewise is a competence development company helping customers in their changes. Prewise provides training and communication solutions for transition implementation, sales and customer support and professional skills development in digital channels. Prewise is a market leader in B to B digital training in Finland. The group’s head office is located in Helsinki. Other offices are located in Sweden, Lithuania, China and Thailand. The turnover in 2011 was € 4.9 M and the company currently employs 70 people. www.prewise.com


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