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Coders strip off their clothes to support children with cancer

Media release.
Published: 15-Dec-2015 07:00 pm
Publisher: Reaktor

Coders Without Clothes, a calendar featuring 12 nude programmers, is launched today by technology company Reaktor. The calendar raises funds for children with cancer and their families in Finland. The idea arose from a work community’s desire to help a colleague whose daughter had been diagnosed with leukemia.

Ten male and two female programmers stripped off their clothes for a calendar that raises funds for children with cancer and their families. The Coders Without Clothes calendar was born out of a work community's desire to show support to a colleague who had received severe news regarding his young daughter.

Reaktor will donate all profits from the calendar to Kympin Lapset ry, a Finnish volunteer-driven charity established by parents whose children are struggling with cancer. 

"Originally the nude calendar was intended to be a light-hearted common project”, says Marketing Director Satu Anttila from Reaktor. “However, it came to serve an important purpose when we heard that our co-worker's daughter had just been diagnosed with leukemia. We wanted to find a way to help.”

"We chose to raise money for Kympin Lapset ry because of the invaluable work that it does. We hope that they will benefit from our project as much as possible."

The nude calendar features twelve programmers, who share a meaningful story about their lives. The underlying theme is courage.

"Courage is something that we need both in our daily lives and when our world gets turned upside down. Our calendar is a reminder of the importance of courage," says Anttila.

Founded in 1982, Kympin Lapset ry aims to improve the conditions of children with cancer who are being treated at the HUCH Children's Hospital in Helsinki and to support their rehabilitation and development.

"When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects every member of the family, including parents, siblings and other loved ones. That is why our work revolves around the whole family. We offer support and information about childhood cancers, organize different kinds of events and help families to solve everyday problems," says Anna Cantell-Forsbom, the chair of Kympin Lapset ry.


For additional information, please contact:

Satu Anttila
Marketing Director, Reaktor (New York)

+1 (929) 346 9285

Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/es7c8rw74b29atc/CodersWithOutClothesPressPics.zip?dl=0

Website: coderswithoutclothes.org



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