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Suomen Rahapaja Oy

4 August 2016 Mint of Finland to mint a collector coin in honour of Finnish work

Media release.
Published: 04-Aug-2016 12:03 pm
Publisher: Suomen Rahapaja Oy

On 1 September, Mint of Finland will release a collector coin paying tribute to Finnish work. The Finnish Work collector coin is designed by Sauli Suomela and will be minted in nominal values of EUR 10 and 20 by decision of the Ministry of Finance.

The collector coin's designer, Design Manager Sauli Suomela of Pentagon Design, is pleased to see the finished collector coin. ”As a starting point for the design process, I thought about Finnishness, along with the nature of work and its imprint on the world. These are highly abstract concepts, even though work is often concrete by nature. I tried to find a way to express both of these aspects in an interesting and understandable way,” Suomela says.

According to Suomela, this design process led to a collector coin in which the fingerprint on the reverse symbolises individuality and the worker's hand. On the obverse, a tree sprouts from the same fingerprint. ”The idea behind the design is that the mark of the human hand is the substrate and soil from which all things grow,” Suomela explains.

The decree of the Ministry of Finance on the Finnish Work collector coin is available in the Electronic Statutes of Finland.

Mint of Finland's collector coins are made in Vantaa

According to Mint of Finland´s Communications Director Henna Karjalainen, this is one of the most anticipated collector coins of 2016. ”I feel that the appreciation of Finnish work is still growing and it is fantastic to be able to celebrate this subject through a collector coin. We mint the collector coins in our factory in Vantaa, so high-quality Finnish design and special minting expertise are close to our hearts,” says Karjalainen. She adds that Finnish work is also valued abroad, as exports play a considerable part in Mint of Finland's collector coin sales. The collector coin has also been granted the Key Flag Label of the Association for Finnish Work.

The silver Finnish Work collector coins will be minted in nominal values of EUR 10 and 20. One hundred EUR 10 silver coins will be numbered. The numbered silver coins will be mixed into the total mintage of 10,000 at random. The collector coins will be made of Ag500/1000 silver, with a diameter of 28.5 millimetres and weight of 10 grams.

One hundred EUR 20 coins will be numbered and sold separately packaged in a glass case. The maximum mintage of EUR 20 collector coins is 5,000. The collector coins will be made of Ag925/1000 silver, with a diameter of 38.6 millimetres and weight of 25.5 grams.

The collector coins will be available to advance order from the Mint of Finland online shop on 18 August. After the release date, 1 September, the coins will also be available from retailers. The retail price of silver collector coins with a nominal value of EUR 10 will be EUR 38 and that of the EUR 20 coins EUR 61. The retail price of numbered collector coins with a nominal value of EUR 20 will be EUR 100.

For more information, please contact:
Auli Mikkonen
Digital Marketing and CSR Specialist
Mint of Finland
+358 40 660 5900


Mint of Finland Group designs, markets and manufactures coins, blanks and collector coins. Mint of Finland Group is the strongest mint in the euro zone and one of the largest global exporters of coins. The company is owned by the Republic of Finland. You can see how coins are produced at the About a Coin exhibition at the Heureka Science Centre. For more information about the 2016 events, please visit www.mint.fi 

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