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Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

Invitation to the media - Welcome to the opening of the new Under Cover! exhibition at Heureka

Media release.
Published: 27-May-2014 10:00 am
Publisher: Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

27th of May 2014

Welcome to the opening of the new Under Cover! exhibition at Heureka on Thursday, 5 June 2014 at 15:00.

Venue: Heureka – the Finnish Science Centre, restaurant cabinet, Kuninkaalantie 7, 01300 Vantaa



15:00 Welcoming words: Heli Ainoa, Communications Director, Heureka

15:10 An introduction to the exhibition: Vesa Lepistö, Project Manager, Heureka

15:20 Welcoming words from our partner: Colonel Kaarle Lagerstam, DScMil, Chief of the Finnish Defence Research Agency

15:30 Tour of the exhibition


Register by email to heli.seppala@heureka.fi




An exciting new exhibition at Heureka: Under Cover!

The Under Cover! exhibition, opening on 5 June, introduces visitors to the significance of science and technology to modern defence forces by comparing the different methods people and animals use to defend themselves. For instance, visitors will learn about animals that excel at hiding and creating diversions – and what people have learned from these species. During the opening week of the exhibition, 5-8 June, Heureka also offers a wealth of special programmes for all ages.

The Under Cover! exhibition opening on Thursday, 5 June takes visitors on an exciting journey to the imaginary Cover Research Centre. As visitors check out the exhibits, they'll complete tasks and collect feedback in virtual research passbooks. The Avoid Surprises exhibit presents different ways of collecting real-time situational information about the environment. The Make Them Invisible exhibit allows visitors to try their hand at painting camouflage for use in forest and urban environments. The Armour Yourself exhibit compares natural protective armour with the protective gear – and superior materials – developed by human technology. At the end of the exhibition, visitors can compare different self-protection methods by playing the new Battleship 2.0 game. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Research Agency.

From Thursday to Sunday, 5 to 8 June, Heureka offers a wide range of Under Cover! events for the whole family. In the free-entry area in front of Heureka, visitors can check out radar vehicles, a personnel carrier, and the SONNI vehicle of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority's Analysis Unit, as well as enjoy traditional coffee and donuts served by the Helsinki-Santahamina Area Army Canteen Organisation. During this four-day period, an entry ticket also enables visitors to see the Pujo decontamination vehicle at the Galilei Science Park as well as the CBRN field laboratory of the Special Protection Unit.  The Pujo vehicle will hold daily decontamination demonstrations. On Saturday, there will be a Navy Band concert, and on Sunday a lecture on cybersecurity by Topi Tuukkanen from the Finnish Defence Research Agency. A detailed programme of this event, which was organised in cooperation with the Defence Forces and the Finnish Defence Research Agency, is available on Heureka's Internet site www.heureka.fi/tapahtumat.

Under Cover! is part of the main exhibition at Heureka, which also includes the Wind in the Bowels and About a Coin exhibitions and, from 16 June, the new Smart City exhibition. The same entry ticket also provides access to the Children's Heureka exhibition, which was opened in April, the Heureka Goes Crazy exhibition on mental health, Heureka Classics and the Galilei Science Park.

For additional information, contact:
Project Manager Vesa Lepistö, Heureka, tel. +358 (0)40 9015 397, vesa.lepisto@heureka.fi
Experience Director Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka, tel. +358 (0)40 9015 244, mikko.myllykoski@heureka.fi

Chief Scientist Veijo Miihkinen, Finnish Defence Research Agency, tel. +358 (0)299 550 129, veijo.miihkinen@mil.fi


Exhibition photos can be found in Heureka's image bank: http://kuvapankki.info/heureka/info.php

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, is among Finland’s most popular leisure time destinations. Heureka opened to the public on April 28, 1989 and attracts nowadays on the average 300 000 visitors a year. It is a lively hands-on exhibition and activity centre for all ages. Heureka has three exhibition halls for interactive exhibits and a modern digital planetarium. Everything works in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish, partly also in Russian and Estonian. Heureka is located  in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in city of  Vantaa, Tikkurila, and it is open around the year. More information: www.heureka.fi

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