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Benemen’s B2B communication solutions go international. Tekes gives its support to Benemen’s growth plans

Media release.
Published: 12-Nov-2013 09:30 am
Publisher: Benemen

Benemen’s business-to-business communication solutions go international. Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) gives its support to Benemen’s growth plans.

Benemen, a Finnish company specializing in business-to-business communication solutions, has started local marketing and sales operations in the Netherlands in October 2013. Benemen’s clients in Finland include Fonecta and Terveystalo.

Negotiations in Sweden and the United Kingdom are underway and the objective is to start sales within these market regions by the end of the year 2013. Tekes has granted Benemen “young innovative companies” funding to support Benemen’s growth and internationalization.

What does Benemen do?

Benemen’s business communication solutions are a cohesive package consisting of Contact Center services, reporting services, and a unified communications solution to instant messaging, desktop sharing, audio and video conferences, and VoIP telephone calls. Benemen’s communication solution is a response to the everyday inefficiency issues businesses face due to a fragmented service field. Benemen’s communication solutions can be tailored to a business of any size, whereas before such cohesive solutions were only within the reach of large companies. The brains behind Benemen are the same that designed the Wicom Communications Contact Center solution marketed in Western Europe in the first decade of the 21st century.

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands opens up a strong, vital market region for Benemen. Telephone exchange systems that are considered outdated in Finland are still a part of everyday life in Western Europe. Systems used by businesses are uncoordinated and expensive. Different technologies haven’t been combined to form a cohesive solution and separation between operating systems results in inefficiency.

“The market region of the Netherlands is particularly promising because the negotiated local operator contracts are very reasonable, making Benemen’s communications solutions especially attractive to potential customers. Finnish technological know-how is highly regarded in the Netherlands, and Benemen has been received remarkably well. A new vision on the market is welcome,” says Jouni Purontaus, Chairman of Benemen.

“It is exciting to have Benemen Netherlands offer real innovative solutions to the Dutch mid-sized enterprise market. The Dutch team of Benemen is proud to be the first supplier in The Netherlands to offer a truly integrated platform for fixed telephony, mobile telephony and unified communications. The response of companies is the same everywhere: why has this platform not been available earlier?” says Luc Zuidhof, Sales Director of Benemen Netherlands.

For more information, please contact:

Benemen Oy

Jouni Purontaus, Chairman of the Board

jouni.purontaus@benemen.com, +358 500 406 439


Benemen Nederland B.V.

Luc Zuidhof, Sales Director

luc.zuidhof@benemen.com, +31(0)20 369 0062




Benemen was founded in 2007 to provide communication solutions to companies and organizations. Benemen’s revenue grew by 73 percent in 2012. www.benemen.com

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