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Jounin Kauppa

Interesting phenomenon on Lapland sky.

Media release.
Published: 03-Sep-2015 02:12 pm
Publisher: Jounin Kauppa

Fireball and auroas in same photo

Local northern lights photographer Markus Kiili was shooting auroras at Äkäslompolo, Lapland, Finland, when fireball fly across the sky. Fireball was visible only few seconds, but mr. Kiili was lucky to get it to photo with both of his cameras.

-Every night when there is a clear sky and at least average northern lights forecast, I’ll go to shoot auroras. Last night I used two cameras with continuos shooting for time lapse videos. My cameras were shooting by them selves and I looked northern light forecast from my phone, when I heard my friend saying that there was beautiful fireball which he didn’t got photo. At home 3 am. I checked my other camera photos and found fireball in quite good photo. Later today I found another photo too.

Markus Kiili is living at Äkäslompolo which is the other village of Ylläs skiing center, just in the border of Ylläs-Pallastunturi National Park. Ylläs is perfect place for aurora hunting because of it’s north situation, but still far enough from arctic sea fogs. 


If you want to see more these fantastic pictures, please visit at www.markuskiili.com


The photos are attached 

If you want to contact photographer Markus Kiili you can send emai to markus.kiili@icloud.com or call +358456064990



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