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Exploring the secrets of finnish education

Julkaistu: 04.03.2015 klo 07:00
Julkaisija: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

It’s the journey, not the destination – especially when it comes to developing the best performing education systems in the world. EduCluster Finland, the operating arm of the University of Jyväskylä in global partnerships, works with organizations passionate about improving education globally.

On roads less-travelled

EduCluster Finland works through partnerships to make change happen. Key Finnish success drivers across the whole education spectrum are refined through collaboration, exploration and action. There are no ready-made packages, but many roads less-travelled where each journey has purpose, place and real-life outcomes.

You cannot export or copy-paste educational excellence, but you can travel together co-creating solutions that enable rapid long-term transformation, says Elise Tarvainen, Director of Global Operations.

Each journey requires carefully crafted processes. When we arrive at our destination, it has to be where we want to be. Finland’s star-studded educational system has been created through blending what with how. This is what we bring to our international partnerships, and this is where joint exploration makes a difference.

Learning as the means of transport

Talk is often cheap on improving education. You can create wonderful blueprints and have the whole journey plan paved with good intentions. But when it comes to impact, nothing is more important than travelling with reliable companions sharing the quest for genuine success.

If the journey is not right you may get to your destination, but find you are not in the right place. When we work to create better education with schools, organizations, and societies, we set out to inspire and empower local experts to transform teaching and learning so it is fit-for-purpose in the 21st Century. Change takes time, but when we truly take the local context fully into account, the final result is always unique, functional and most of all sustainable.

Our ultimate goal is to secure the possibility of everyone to realize their full potential, recaps Elise Tarvainen.

EduCluster Finland, University of Jyväskylä Group, is the hub for internationalizing Finnish educational expertise. Consider inviting us along on your next journey!

Additional information and contact: http://bit.ly/1Liutyd
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