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Suomen Rahapaja Oy

10.10.2014. A two-euro commemorative coin will be released on 10/11/2014. Two-euro commemorative coin designed by Harri Koskinen

Media release.
Published: 10-Oct-2014 02:30 pm
Publisher: Suomen Rahapaja Oy

The second Finnish commemorative two-euro coin of 2014 will be launched on 10 November 2014. The special coin was struck in honour of designer Ilmari Tapiovaara. A total of one million commemorative Tapiovaara coins will be released into circulation. The special coin is designed by Harri Koskinen, one of Finland's most esteemed designers.

The designer and interior decorator Ilmari Tapiovaara (1914–1999) ranks amongst the most influential figures in Finnish design. He is remembered for work such as the Domus and Mademoiselle chairs.

The Ilmari Tapiovaara special coin is designed by Pro Finlandia medal winning designer Harri Koskinen, one of the most distinguished contemporary Finnish designers.

”Finnish coin design is set apart by its clean lines. This commemorative two-euro coin designed by Harri Koskinen ranks amongst the brightest stars in Finnish special coins. With the release of this coin, every Finnish citizen can obtain a piece of the most valued Finnish art produced in 2014,” says Mint of Finland CEO Paul Gustafsson.

”Designing circulation coins is industrial design at its best, so I was overjoyed to be given this assignment. The challenges involved in designing a commemorative two-euro coin include the small amount of space available and achieving that iconic quality,” says designer Harri Koskinen.

The special euro coin designed by Koskinen makes impressive use of the three-dimensional nature of metal coins. The commemorative special coin depicts a joint between wooden bars – a characteristic feature of Tapiovaara's designs.

”The whole is built of carefully considered details. In his diversity and skill, Ilmari Tapiovaara is one of Finland's all-time industrial designers,” Koskinen concludes.

You can also spot similarities between this commemorative two-euro coin and the Ilmari Tapiovaara and Interior Decoration silver collector coin designed by Koskinen and launched in September.

Finland releases two commemorative two-euro coins in 2014

The special two-euro coin's reverse side is identical to that of ordinary two-euro circulation coins. A total of one million two-euro Ilmari Tapiovaara special coins will be struck, 11,000 of which will be minted in proof quality. Two-euro commemorative coins are legal tender in all euro countries.

The commemorative coin can be obtained as change in regular circulation, or it can be purchased from the Mint of Finland online shop and from retailers.

Mint of Finland is offering the commemorative coins individually in proof quality (EUR 24), in purses of 10 freshly minted UNC-quality coins (EUR 41), and in rolls of 25 freshly minted UNC coins (EUR 90).

Each euro country is allowed to release two commemorative coins into circulation each year, In June 2014, Finland released the year's first commemorative two-euro coin in memory of Tove Jansson. The Tove Jansson commemorative coin rolls are sold out at Mint of Finland.

For more information, please contact:

Katriina Holm
Communications and Marketing Designer
Mint of Finland
+358 400 211 066


Mint of Finland Group designs, markets and manufactures coins, blanks, collector coins and special coins, as well as coinages. Mint of Finland Group is the strongest mint in the euro zone and one of the largest global exporters of metal coins. The company is owned by the Republic of Finland. Saxonia Mint of Finland is a subsidiary of Mint of Finland. The Finnish Science Centre Heureka's exhibition About a Coin demonstrates the various stages of minting coins. For more information on events in 2014, please visit www.mint.fi

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