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New campus app for booking facilities and navigation – benefits for students through Aalto University's multidisciplinary expertise

Media release.
Published: 15-Sep-2016 08:30 am
Publisher: Aalto-yliopistokiinteistöt Oy

Course-based studying at a university can be hectic at times. Feedback given by students reveals that there are not many facilities available for group and project work. At the same time, there is, however, potential for improvement in the utilisation rates of university facilities. With the Aalto Space mobile app, students can easily find and book a suitable available facility for their various needs.

Using the Aalto Space mobile app, available facilities in Undergraduate Centre in Otakaari 1 are shown and offered to students quickly and easily. The mobile app can be seamlessly integrated with the current booking system, and it can also be expanded to other buildings on the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University. “We have developed the Aalto Space mobile app, using various participatory and shared development methods. From the volumes of ideas presented in the brainstorming phase, the improvement of the campus experience, particularly regarding facility booking and indoor navigation, stood out from the rest. We have received encouraging feedback during the piloting phase. From now on, our intention is to add new features to the range of Aalto mobile apps,” says Satu Kankaala, Head of Business Development at Aalto CRE.

In addition to facility booking, the mobile app includes facility search, indoor navigation and emergency messaging functions. The initial objective set for the Aalto Space mobile app is to double the utilisation rate of facilities and, later, to obtain much greater benefits, for example, through corporate users and the use of facilities during weekends.

To support the extensive Aalto community, development partners of the app have included small-scale Finnish companies from the fields of business design and mobile development. All of these are connected by the experimenting and user-centred Lean Startup model.

The company which developed the indoor navigation technology used in the app started from the enthusiastic students of Aalto University, who expanded their modelling method developed in a thesis work into a growth company entitled Nimble Devices. Viima Solutions, a company started during the Aalto Ventures Programme, acts as a partner in the further development of the app. Using the tool, all development ideas can be compiled in a single place, where they can be easily rated, while engaging users and stakeholders.



For further information, please contact:

Satu Kankaala
Head of Business Development
Aalto CRE
+358 400 535919




Interview requests

Milla Uusitalo
Communications Specialist
Aalto CRE
+358 45 3173883


Aalto University
Campus & Real Estate (ACRE)
Lämpömiehenkuja 2 A
02150 Espoo, Finland
Tel. +358 9 439 0060




Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, or Aalto CRE (Aalto University Properties Ltd), is part of the Aalto University Group. Aalto CRE leases various facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö, at the core of Aalto University. Aalto CRE is part of the community which is building an international innovation hub in Otaniemi, where people and flexibility meet innovative environments in a setting of notable architecture and unique nature. Tenants obtain concrete added value by having access to facilities next to the Industrial Internet campus, near the roots of wellbeing technology, at the centre of new operating concepts.

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