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Tampereen Messut

International star guests and Finland's largest glass tree at the number one fair event of handicrafts

Media release.
Published: 28-Sep-2012 12:02 pm
Publisher: Tampereen Messut


Finnish Handicrafts is Europe's largest fair event of the handicrafts and applied arts industry, attracting nearly 40 000 fair guests to Tampere. The most anticipated handicrafts fair is held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre 16-18 November 2012 already for the 17th time. This year's crowd-pullers are for instance Finland's largest glass wood, Norwegian knitting stars Arne and Carlos, as well as numerous exhibitions. In addition to the Finnish Handicrafts Innovation and Artisan of the Year contests, the new Taito-Finlandia reward will be awarded at the fair. The fair is hosted by Anne Kukkohovi. The Gem and Jewel fair will be held at the same time.

– We warmly welcome all friends of handicrafts as well as the top-ranking masters and hobbyists of the field to Tampere in November to experience the largest fair of the industry. The content of the event is now complete and I am glad to announce that it is once again very versatile and rich. The exhibition halls will be full of the most spectular, high-quality handicraft products by more than 580 handicraft experts, as well as material selections meant for hobbyists. The Finnish Handicrafts fair has established its position as the treasury of gifts, as many people come there to look for durable and individualistic domestic gifts for instance for Christmas. In fact, at the request of the public, we have extended the opening hours in order to ensure that visitors have enough time to explore the fair on all fair days, says project manager Mervi Oksanen from Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

Norwegian star guests Arne and Carlos lead the public to the realm of Christmas balls

From Friday to Saturday 16-17 November the internationally renowned Norwegian-Swedish designer couple Arne and Carlos visit the fair. They show the audience how to knit a Christmas ball in the Idea stage's Knitting Club. Arne and Carlos' doll book, published in Finnish in September, will also be on display.

Taito Pirkanmaa celebrates its 100-year-old journey - the fair area is filled with spectacular exhibitions

Taito Pirkanmaa has for the past hundred years done significant work in promoting the handicrafts culture as a skill and an occupation. At the Finnish Handicrafts fair the association celebrates its activity by setting up a Taito Pirkanmaa 100 years exhibition, which showcases the association's decades by means of products and pictures.

Numerous other exhibitions are also set up at the fair. In the colorful Kirjosukka ('Spectrum Sock') exhibition all sock pairs that participated in the Suomen Sukkamestari ('Finland's Sock Master´) contest are on display. The Joulun tähti ('Christmas Star') exhibition delights the fair guests with the best entries in the open-to-all Latvatähti ('Tree top star') contest. Exhibition called Lämmöllä huivi ('With warmth, Scarf') presents the yield of the scarf context. Red gift items have been gathered in the new JoulunPunainen ('Christmas Red') exhibition that offers tips for Christmas presents. Moreover, the traditional Finnish Handicrafts Innovation and Artisan of the Year exhibitions are also seen at the fair.

Finland's largest glass tree rises up to three metres - glass artists' unique works are on display

Finland's largest tree composed of mouth-blown glass balls will be executed for the Finnish Handicrafts fair. The tree is over three and a half meters in height and a bit over two meters in width. Its metal core is covered with hang-on glass balls. Tavastia Vocational College's glass sector sets up Finland's largest glass tree in celebration of the 220th jubilee year of the glass village, celebrated in Nuutajärvi in 2013, and the 20-year-old glass sector of the vocational college of Nuutajärvi. After the fair, the tree is set up in Nuutajärvi. Moreover, the glass will be on display in the Kuuma kuumempi lasi ('Hot hotter glass') exhibition, which introduces small scale serial and unique production from Nuutajärvi.

Utility items as the novelty of the fashion show - a knit wedding dress designed by Rintala in the Sparkling Wine Bar

Finnish designers' and craftsmen's creations all the way from outfits to accessories delight the visitors in the Event Milieu fashion shows in the C hall. For the first time in history, the fashion shows also include stylish utility items and suitable gift products. Promodel Ltd is responsible for the shows. At the Skill Arena and work demonstrations the public may see the experts of the field in action and witness how different materials change into fascinating products in skilful hands.

Sparkling Wine Bar will be showcasing a gorgeous wedding dress designed by Jukka Rintala and made with Novita's knitting yarns. Atelier Alley introduces unique clothes and accessories to the fair guests.

Recreation and inspiration from the knitting and blog cafes – tuning in to the festive season at the Christmas café

Knitting café offers a breather in the heart of the fair near the program and Idea stage. At the Christmas café you can tune in to the Christmas mood by enjoying season delicacies. As in the previous year, at the Face to Face Blog Café guests may once again catch up with the latest news and tips of the most enchanting handicraft bloggers. Paula from Paulig visits the traditional Juhla Mokka café on all fair days.

Handicrafts First-aid Station offers relief to handicraft problems - the workshops provide ideas for knitting and hobby crafts

One of the novelties of the fair is the Handicrafts First-aid Station, in which the experts of Taito Pirkanmaa advice the visitors in small handicraft problems and give useful tips. Visitors can also test their own skills in the handicraft workshops. In the Christmas card workshop you can do arts and crafts and explore new Christmas products. In the Tavastia 4H Club's Cone workshop you can make cone wreaths and Christmassy elves out of natural materials.

Taito-Finlandia is awarded for the first time - Artisan of the Year and Innovation are also rewarded

Taito-Finlandia, a new reward of the arts and crafts industry, will be awarded on Friday, 6th November at the opening ceremony of the Finnish Handicrafts fair. The purpose of the recognition is to bring forth significant matters or professionals promoting the culture of handicrafts and manual skills, as well as to increase the conspicuousness and appreciation of the field. The Taito-Finlandia award has been developed by an expert group of the Finnish Handicrafts fair in 2012. The prize money of the Taito-Finlandia contest is 5 000 euros and it is donated by Oy Gustav Paulig Ab. The Taito-Finlandia nominees, members of the jury and the elector of the winner will be announced in October 2012.

By tradition, the winner of the Finnish Handicrafts Innovation contest as well as the Artisan of the Year are also announced at the opening ceremony of the fair. This is the 11th time that the innovation is rewarded and the 4th time that the Artisan of the Year is rewarded at the fair. These prizes are known for having opened up the door to commercial success and growth for various handicraft entrepreneurs.

Explore nature's own treasures and shop decorative and utility items at the Gem and Jewel fair

When the Finnish Handicrafts fair occupies the A and C halls, meanwhile in the D hall the international Gem and Jewel fair will be held. The fair event, now organized for the 11th time, gathers both Finnish and foreign operators of the gem and jewel industry in Tampere. In addition to different precious metals and gemstones, they will be introducing raw minerals and fossils to the public. The fair also offers an abundance of shopping possibilities. In addition to gems and jewels, various unique decorative and utility items made of stone are also on sale.

Finnish Handicrafts fair 16-18 Novermber 2012 at the Tampere Exhibition and Sport Centre. The fair is organized by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd in cooperation with the Taito Pirkanmaa association. The Gem and Jewel fair will be held at the same time. The new extended opening hours: Fri 16 November 10–19, Sat 17 November 9–18, Sun 18 November 9–17.

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.kadentaidot.fi, www.kivimessut.fi

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd, www.tampereenmessut.fi
Mervi Oksanen, Project Manager, Tel. +358 207 701 231, +358 400 760 877,

Tanja Järvensivu, Communications Manager, Tel. +358 207 701 205, +358 50 536 8133, tanja.jarvensivu@tampereenmessut.fi
Meri Mattila, Communications Assistant, Tel. +358 207 701 242, +358 400 914 877, meri.mattila@tampereenmessut.fi


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