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The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Information about Kela and Infopankki for asylum seekers

Media release.
Published: 22-Sep-2016 12:58 pm
Publisher: The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Representatives of Kela and Infopankki will visit the reception centre in Vantaa on Friday, 23 September.

Kela and the website Infopankki.fi have cooperated for several years. During the autumn Kela and Infopankki will visit two reception centres in the Helsinki area to provide information about social security, Kela's benefits and Finnish society. At the same time the personnel at the reception centres receive valuable information, for instance, about Kela's services and application procedures.

- We strive to provide information in an interesting way and at the right time. It is important to come in contact with the asylum seekers at the reception centre in order to enable smooth contacts with Kela also later, says Olga Tarsalainen, communications specialist at Kela.

Benefits after residence permit has been granted

Asylum seekers who have been issued a Finnish residence permit are eligible for the same Kela benefits and other social security services as all permanent residents. It is worth to keep in mind that a person's coverage by the social security system cannot be determined until the person has been granted a residence permit.

After the person's coverage by the Finnish social security system has been determined he or she can claim benefits according to his or her life situation in the same manner as other persons who live in Finland and the claims are processed according to the same procedures.

Infopankki helps in the integration

The website Infopankki.fi provides extensive information about life and residence in Finland. The website also contains information about Finnish society and its services. Kela and Infopankki have joined forces to produce material such as a comprehensive overview of the Finnish social security system. The website also includes information about Kela's benefits in 12 languages.

Additional information for customers:
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(video in English)

For media inquiries, contact:
Kela, Shared Services
Olga Tarsalainen, Communications Specialist, tel. 050 551 7263

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