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Customs increases customs control at the Finnish-Swedish land border

Media release.
Published: 21-Sep-2015 04:03 pm
Publisher: Tulli

Increased customs control

Customs has decided to increase customs control at the western land border as of 22 September 2015 in the Tornio and Aavasaksa region. Customs will transfer personnel from other areas to Tornio Customs. The increased customs control is part of the intensified actions taken by other authorities such as the Police and the Border Guard.  By increasing customs control, Customs strives to protect society and to ensure that prohibitions and restrictions regarding import are observed. Customs uses established procedures when performing internal border control. In addition to the increased customs control, Customs also provides assistance to the Police and Border Guard in the monitoring of foreigners, if needed, within the framework of the Act on cooperation between the Police, Customs and the Border Guard.

The increased customs control is supervised by the director of Tornio Customs, Mr. Juha Heikkilä and the field operations are managed at Tornio Customs. Increased customs control will be carried out for the time being.

Customs inspection

Customs inspections will be carried out as internal border inspections and the powers under section 2 in the Customs Act (1466/1994) may also be exercised, in compliance with Community legislation, in the internal traffic of the Community in order to supervise compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions concerning the importation and exportation of goods. Luggage and vehicles belonging to persons referred to inspection will be thoroughly examined. The inspection activities will also be supported by a mobile x-ray unit. Customs offences uncovered in the customs inspections will be investigated at the crime prevention unit of Tornio Customs.

More information

Director of Tornio Customs Juha Heikkilä, tel. +358 40 332 8002

Director of the Enforcement Department Sami Rakshit, tel. +358 40 332 2506

Finnish Customs is a part of the customs system of the European Union. Customs is a state agency supervised by the Ministry of Finance through management by results. Finnish Customs cooperates with the trade community as well as with domestic and foreign authorities. Finnish Customs has approximately 2 300 employees.

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