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Bionova Oy

One Click LCA makes building environmental assessment a hundred times faster with BIM

Media release.
Published: 12-Apr-2016 02:13 pm
Publisher: Bionova Oy

One Click LCA removes the pain from life-cycle assessments (LCA) for BREEAM and LEED certification. Bionova Ltd’s innovative solution transforms Building Information Models (BIM) or quantity take-offs in Excel files into LCA reports in a single click. In addition to the user-friendly web interface and the BIM reader tool, One Click LCA provides plugins for several popular construction design software.

Life-cycle assessment quantifies a building’s environmental impact, such as greenhouse gas emissions of materials and energy. It plays a central role in LEED v4, BREEAM and other green construction projects. However, conducting LCAs requires specialized expertise and weeks of effort.

In contrast, One Click LCA allows non-experts to complete an LCA for a building in less than an hour using either an effortless automated process, or a user-friendly web interface. This empowers designers to see the impact of their choices immediately and achieve best possible results without having to carry out separate detailed studies for each option.

“The drastic reduction in required time and expertise allows quantifiably greener construction to scale up. One Click LCA helps users navigate through design choices with ease and confidence,” says Panu Pasanen, CEO of Bionova. “We integrate One Click LCA into several construction design software, starting with Autodesk Revit, thus bringing the much needed tools to the desktops of millions of users.”

The innovation has not gone unnoticed. The solution is already used by leading companies in more than 20 countries. The One Click LCA project was awarded over €1 million by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme for expansion. The project was the highest rated in its funding call overall.

Not only does the solution excel in speed, it also excels in quality. One Click LCA connects to the third party certified 360optimi platform, which is the world’s highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM projects and the only one to achieve an exemplary credit from LCA[1]. Besides BREEAM, the solution supports LEED, DGNB, HQE, BNB, VERDE, many other certification systems and all common industry standards.


Press contact: Panu Pasanen, CEO, Bionova Ltd, panu.pasanen@bionova.fi, cell +358 44 2871 722

Additional information: https://www.360optimi.com/en/get-life-cycle-assessment-results-instantly-bim

[1] BRE Global: independently verified score for 360optimi is 97,5%, allowing to achieve 6 credits + exemplary credit


About Bionova:

Bionova is the developer of One Click LCA and 360optimi—the leading LCA data automation and construction sector LCA cloud service respectively. These help organisations such as Skanska, WSP, European Commission’s JRC, Ramboll, Arcadis, ELAN, Saint-Gobain Weber and many others tackle life-cycle performance challenges. Bionova is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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