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Polar Bear Pitching

Polar Bear Pitching from Finland registers one of the world’s most bizarre trademarks

Media release.
Published: 13-Feb-2017 01:15 pm
Publisher: Polar Bear Pitching

Polar Bear Pitching is the world’s most unique startup pitching competition organized yearly in Oulu, Finland. Pitching takes place while standing waist-deep in ice-cold water. The act of pitching from an ice hole has now been protected in the European Union as a trademark. 

The ice pitching trademark registration is one of its kind. Previously some motion trademarks have been registered (e.g. moving logos), but a real-life movement by a person being a necessary part of the service has most likely never been registered as a trademark before. 

“Polar Bear Pitching is about pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box and this trademark demonstrates bravery, playfulness and positive uniqueness – the values that we wish to convey”, says Board Member of Polar Bear Pitching, PhD and branding expert Minna Törmälä from University of Oulu.

“Polar Bearch Pitching is known worldwide for the fact that pitching takes place in an ice hole”, says IP lawyer Jarmo Talvitie from Ipriq Intellectual Property Law, who represented Polar Bear Pitching before the EU trademark office. “Therefore, it is right and just that the EU trademark office has granted them exclusive rights to pitching in an ice hole. With this trademark registration Polar Bear Pitching has shown that also very unusual ways of distinguishing one’s services can be protected”.

More information about Polar Bear Pitching’s bizarre trademark on Ipriq’s online trademark registration website www.reggster.com/polarbear.

Further information / media contacts:

Mia Kemppaala
Polar Bear Pitching ry
+358 40 5844851 

Erkki Holmila
Ipriq Intellectual Property Law
+358 50 320 7744


Polar Bear Pitching is a non-profit organization (NPO) from Oulu, Finland. Its mission is to help startups to succeed and break down the barriers of  development and growth. The annual Polar Bear Pitching event is organized in Oulu, Northern Finland in co-operation with the University of Oulu, the city of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Business Kitchen, and other organizations, entrepreneurs and volunteers of the community.​
Ipriq Intellectual Property Law is a leading European intellectual property law firm focusing on trademarks. Reggster (www.reggster.com) by Ipriq is the easiest and fastest way for start-ups and SMEs to protect their trademarks online. It is also the only trademark application platform giving specific advice for over 60 different industries.

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