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Kemin Matkailu Oy - Kemi Tourism Ltd.

Santa´s Seaside Office opens in Kemi

Media release.
Published: 20-May-2016 09:29 pm
Publisher: Kemin Matkailu Oy - Kemi Tourism Ltd.


Santa`s Seaside Office is the Official Partner of Santa Claus

The annually built SnowCastle will move to a new location next winter and a former CastleLounge is currently in process changing into Santa´s official port office. New attraction in Kemi will open this summer. City of Kemi was registered as the Port of Santa Claus back in 2005 and now as a natural continuation Santa Claus has decided to establish an official port office in Kemi. Great location is in the inner harbor of Kemi, where we are by the sea, close to marinas and the services in the town center, but also close to Ajos harbor, where you can also visit the famous Icebreaker Sampo also during the summer. A new concept for tourists is operated by Kemi Tourism Ltd. and the concept is implemented in co-operation with Santa Claus and Santa Claus Foundation.

Petri Paarnio from Santa Claus Licensing Ltd comments that they are very excited and proud of the Santa´s Seaside Office which can provide better quality of service for tourists. Santa's Seaside Office is now also an official partner of Santa Claus, sharing the same goals and values ​​with the Santa Claus Foundation. Together we develop the global image of Finland as Santa's home country. We will also increase the knowledge and interest about Finland as a country as well as Finnish culture.

Gift for Every Day of the Year

Santa's harbor office has a small souvenir shop, which sells high-quality Finnish Santa Claus Products. Giving gifts is not only for Christmas and from the special Christmas Calendar visitors can buy a surprise gift for themselves or a friend every day of the year. Charming old building operates in summer as a café, ice cream parlor and a lunch place. Office opens in at the Inner Harbor´s summer opening 11.6. and will be open every day from 10-18 until the late August.
In the Santa´s Seaside Office there is Christmas every day. Write a letter to Santa and make your wishes for Christmas and save it in the bottle in Santa´s Seaside Office. Early in the week in the Elves Seaman Course one can learn very important skills and meeting Santa is possible from Thursday to Saturday during the afternoons. Pictures with Santa are of course available. For groups we organize special Christmas programme throughout the year and Christmas parties can be organized already in September. In December and during the SnowCastle season the office is open daily.

Kemi Invites Tourists

Thousands of cars drive past Kemi daily and we hope that more and more travellers will stop in the city centre and visit the beautiful inner harbor. We also believe that the number of international independent travellers as well as groups will increase already this summer. The archipelago, ever changing sea and clean air and nature are our inducements. 

The Santa´s Seaside Office is certainly an attractive place to visit and in addition to it the travelers can visit three chosen attractions in Kemi for the price of EUR 15 with Kemi Pearls combination ticket. Tickets are for sale at the tourist information in the city hall and in the attractions which are the Arctic Comics Centre, Kemi Historical Museum and Art Museum, the Gemstone Gallery, The SnowCastle Exhibition & Shop, as well as the Icebreaker Sampo. also the Kemi event guests. Thanks to attractive sights and activities all-year-round tourism will develop and the retention time in the region can be increased.


Kemi Tourism Ltd. operate the Arctic Icebreaker Sampo, the SnowCastle, Kemi Gemstone Gallery and Santa´s Seaside Office. The business idea is to produce and develop tourism in Sea-Lapland area.

Kemi Tourism Ltd. offers unique experiences that will keep you coming back for more. Both the world-famous Arctic Icebreaker Sampo and the SnowCastle, the artwork of ice and snow can be found from city of Kemi which is the excellent alternative as a winter travel destination. The products are suitable for FIT, Groups and also incentives – from a day trip to a programme for a several days. www.visitkemi.fi.

Experience the Arctic Freedom - Sea, Snow and Ice

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