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FilmMe introduces live broadcasting possibility that will revolutionize the world of training

Media release.
Published: 13-Jun-2014 02:34 pm
Publisher: FilmMe

The Finnish company FilmMe Group Ltd. that has developed automatic video camera system, has now launched a new service – FilmMe Coach Live – which enables live broadcasting between the coach and the student.  

One of the first locations taking Coach Live service into use is Flyinge, the international equestrian training center in Sweden.

“This means for example that Kyra Kyrklund, riding instructor at Flyinge, can instruct riders via phone sitting on her own couch in England”, demonstrates Marianne Lilja Wittbom, CEO at Flyinge.

The Swedish coach Ann-Louise Gustafsson has already taken FilmMe Coach Live service into regular use with her clients.

”Coach Live is a great tool for me as a trainer, especially because many of my clients live abroad. Pauses between training sessions might get longer than one month and that is too long. With Coach Live my students have the opportunity to have a training session and coaching no matter where I´m in the world, as long as there is an internet connection available.”

With Coach Live, Gustafsson has instructed riders living over 1500 km away.

“Training gets easier and more economical for riders when coach does not need to fly hundreds of miles every time a training session takes place. “

With Coach Live the longest distance between the coach and the client has so far been Finland - Luxembourg, but in practice a coach can instruct his client anywhere in the world. Possibilities with this service are not restricted to riding only, but FilmMe video camera system and thus also Coach Live-service can be utilized almost in any sport and for example in presentation skills trainings.              


FilmMe is a video recording system that follows its target automatically zooming. When the user enters a location that is equipped with FilmMe video camera system, the camera identifies the user by his/he personal wristband.

The user presses the button on the wristband and the video camera will start filming and following the user automatically zooming. When the user presses the button again, filming will stop and the video will be automatically uploaded to the user’s personal account at www.filmme.tv.

FilmMe scored the all-time record points in international Money Talks investor event in October 2012 in Espoo, Finland. FilmMe was also nominated for Innovation Award in Equitana, the world’s largest equestrian event in Germany 03/2013 among almost thousand exhibitors. In 2014 FilmMe qualified to the Startup World Cup Finals in Silicon Valley where only 30 companies round the world made it to the last round.

The first video camera systems were installed in July last year and now it is available also in Spain, England and Sweden. Besides riding and dance, FilmMe can be utilized in the future in any sport where one wants to film his/her own performance. 


For pictures and other material, please visit www.filmme.tv/press


For further information and requests for interview please contact

Lauri Salovaara, CMO





We will change the world of filming!

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