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Lahti 2017

Countdown clock for Lahti2017 unveiled at Lahti market place

Media release.
Published: 19-Feb-2016 03:04 pm
Publisher: Lahti 2017

Inauguration of countdown clock for Lahti2017 took place at Lahti market square on Friday 19th February. The coundown clock is designed by Finlandia Prize for Architecture winner Anssi Lassila and produced in co-operation with Stora Enso.

Finnish design plays a major role in Lahti2017 and the countdown clock is a great example about this. It is designed by Anssi Lassila and modeled and built by LAMK (Lahti University of Applied Sciences) and Salpausselkä Further Education.

One of the themes of Lahti2017 is being environmentally friendly. This is why the clock is produced from oil treated Finnish pine heartwood by Stora Enso. It is an example about how wood can be used for many purposes. Oil will improve wood’s water repellency and weather proofness.

- The countdown clock is a result of co-operation. We wanted Anssi Lassila to design something special. The co-operation with local experts of wood producation was also a natural choice. From LAMK and Salpausselkä Further Education we found experience and know-how for both wood production and modeling, tells Lahti2017 Project Manager in Stora Enso, Satu Härkönen.

- The baseline was to make interesting sculpture made from wood and to use Finnish expertise and wood material in the best way possible. The ”House of cards” kind of structure is the basis of the clock. The clock has also elements inspired by the snowy graphic look, says Architect Anssi Lassila.

For further information, please contact:
Lahti2017, Esa-Pekka Nykänen, Marketing Director, tel. +358 40 595 3135
Stora Enso, Satu Härkönen, Project Manager Lahti2017, tel. +358 40 832 7458
Stora Enso, Liisa Nyyssönen, SVP Communications Paper division and Finnish media, tel. +358 40 544 3491


Lahti2017_countdownclock2: (from left)
Mayor of city of Lahti Jyrki Myllyvirta
Chairman of Lahti Ski Club Juha Viljamaa
FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis
Stora Enso, Vice President Stakeholder Relations, Timo Heikka
Sami Jauhojärvi
Aino-Kaisa Saarinen
Janne Ahonen





FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
Pohjoismaisten hiihtolajien MM-kilpailut



Pre-World Championships
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