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Automatic video camera system FilmMe goes to Great Britain

Media release.
Published: 18-Oct-2013 09:00 am
Publisher: FilmMe

FilmMe Group Ltd. has selected FMBs and Magnet Medics Ltd. as an exclusive distributor for Great Britain. FilmMe is an automatic video camera system to film and follow its target with an automatic zoom. The first target group will be horse riders.

The technology is based on high accuracy indoor positioning system (HAIP) together with video camera and a wristband for tracking. Once the user presses the button on ones wristband the video camera will zoom on him and follow him with an automatic zoom. When one presses the button on the wristband again the video uploads to one’s personal account at www.filmme.tv.

FilmMe is a Finnish innovation and the first systems were installed to Finnish riding customers on the beginning of July this year. After the Nordic countries and Spain, it is now time for Great Britain where FilmMe will be represented exclusively by FMBs and Magnet Medic Ltd. CEO Mrs. Serena Hickson is thrilled about this opportunity: “When I first saw FilmMe in Germany, at Equitana Trade Fair, I knew immediately that this would change the world of riding as we know it.  Imagine if you could take a video of yourself every time you ride a horse by just pressing the button on your wristband.  And, what is more, you could even watch the video whilst still sitting on that horse from, for example, a mobile phone.  I mean, this is what we riders have always wanted!  Mirrors will help you some of the way but video sees everything, doesn't distract you and is there for instant analysis, wherever you are in the world.”

FMBs and Magnet Medic Ltd. has got some truly talented people as customers; the world’s 2010 top ranked event rider Mr. William Fox-Pitt, international dressage rider Mr. Carl Hester, champion national hunt Mr. Paul Nicholls and top ranked show jumper 2009 Mr. Ben Maher.

The sales and marketing Director for FilmMe Group Ltd. Mr. Lauri Salovaara: “The markets in Great Britain are really important for us and therefore it was crucial to get a top company with talented people to represent us here. I think we could not have done any better than this. FMBs has the market acknowledgment, really impressive references and good experience so we are really confident to enter this market, which is one of the most important markets in Europe.”


FilmMe created a video recording system that follows its target and automatically shares the video to the user's own web account at www.filmme.tv. FilmMe Group Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Mr. Tapio Koivukangas, Mr. Jani Lehto, both of which had a long career in Nokia, and a media personality and an entrepreneur Mr. Lauri Salovaara.

FilmMe video camera system is based on tracking and is able to follow the target by automatically zooming even hundreds of meters distance. The user of the system is wearing a wristband, with the user interface including the possibility to start and stop the filming. The taken video is sent to the user's web account at www.filmme.tv, where it can be shared e.g. in Facebook or YouTube.

In order to further develop the product, FilmMe Ltd. has been co-operating with The Equestrian Federation of Finland for a long time. The first target group for the product is riders, but FilmMe is suitable for numerous different sports as well as performing arts.

-        FilmMe has been elected as one of the most promising startups from Oulu, Finland

-        FilmMe scored the all-time record points in international Money Talks investor event organized by Technopolis Plc. in 2012 in Espoo, Finland. The points are 4.53/5.00.

-        FilmMe was nominated for Innovation Award in Equitana, Germany 03/2013


For logos and other stuff go to: www.filmme.tv/press

For further information and requests for interview please contact:


FMBs and Magnet Medics Ltd.

Mrs. Serena Hickson, CEO
Office: 01628 472440
Mobile: 07885 539312


FilmMe Group Ltd.

Lauri Salovaara, CMO, COB

+358 40 52 68 205


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