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Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

JOT changes the way how smart products are manufactured

Media release.
Published: 23-Feb-2015 07:30 am
Publisher: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

Every day over a million smart devices are tested with JOT equipment. This means dozens of tests every second. With automated solutions for testing and production, JOT enables global consumer brands to aim for 100 % quality, to design finer products, and to shorten the time-to-market.

According to JOT Automation CEO Petri Halonen, JOT is a global partner for the leading mobile device manufacturers. “We focus on automated test solutions in production from board level tests all the way to final products’ functional tests. Another important core area for us is automated precision assembly of small, performance-critical parts.”

Automation works as an enabler

Halonen emphasizes that billions of performance and design driven devices cannot be shipped to markets on time with satisfactory precision, quality and cost without flexible automation. “This makes automation an enabler since it guarantees flawless products and a better end-user experience.”

“Our tailored solutions test each interaction and every aspect of smart devices, and assemble incredibly small parts with ever tightening tolerances. Our assistance allows global consumer brands to design finer products and inspect the quality of every single product manufactured, before they leave the factory and end up in the hands of tens of millions of consumers.

Automation helps to shorten the time-to-market. “Another important point is that since product life-cycles are getting faster, manufacturers must be able to ramp up production volumes with superior quality anywhere in the world. Automation helps to shorten the time-to-market.”

Despite ever more stringent product requirements, the consumer electronics industry has remained labor intensive until now. The automation boom is just taking off.

“Smart devices are getting smarter, more complex and smaller. This means that people are no longer able to do the minute tasks needed in the manufacturing of next-generation mobile devices. This opens up great opportunities for us. JOT does the things that are impossible for humans,” Halonen stresses.

JOT G3 all-in-one final tester

A good example of JOT’s testing solutions is JOT G3, known as an all-in-one final tester for smartphones and wearables that enables fully automatic tests in a repeatable and reliable environment. JOT G3 executes multiple tests in a single platform.

The solution has a compact footprint and is capable of running all the required interface tests on, for example, RF, electrics, mechanics, touch screens, buttons, audio, and plug-in connections. A further key feature is that JOT G3 helps to maximize capacity and quality with lower costs.

Come and meet us at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2.-5.3.2015.
You find us in Hall 5, at Stand 5D36.


Additional information and contact: http://bit.ly/1GaIJbg
Publisher: Editori.fi

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