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European lifelong learning media Elm unveiled

Media release.
Published: 05-Oct-2015 04:10 pm
Publisher: Kansanvalistusseura

A new media on adult education and lifelong learning, Elm, was unveiled last week, the 29th September. The free online magazine is published by a European partnership headed by the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation.

First cross-European media

Elm, short for European Lifelong Learning Magazine, is the first media of its kind in the European adult education sector.

- International scientific journals and national journalistic magazines abound, but so far there have been no journalistic, independent media with a European scope and with a continent-wide correspondent network, Elm’s managing editor Markus Palmén explains.

An information source for education journalists

Elm is intended for adult educators, education advocates, NGO workers and decision-makers in Europe and beyond.

- Our mission is to help professionals in their work by covering good practice, innovations, education trends and policy and interesting people, Palmén explains.

Biweekly content is produced by a network of education experts and journalists in various European countries.

-Elm has a presence in virtually all European countries, which enables us to paint an accurate picture of European adult education. This makes Elm a valuable resource also for education journalists, the editor says.  

First theme issue on social media

Elm was launched with a theme issue on adult education and social media. The issue gave voice to a wide array of experts with widely diverging opinions on social media’s educational credentials.

For example, in the issue net critic Geert Lovink argues that social media are mere noise generators serving big business interests, inconducive to learning. In contrast, broadcaster Marianna Fridjonsdottir regards social media as a gateway to unlimited free learning opportunities.

A European coproduction

Elm is published by a partnership headed by the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, publisher of Elm’s predecessor LLinE. Other publishers include the German adult education institute DIE (Das Deutsche Institut für Erwachsenenbildung (DIE), the Catholic Adult Education Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland (KEB) and the Danish Adult Education Association (DFS).    


More information: Managing editor Markus Palmén: markus.palmen@kvs.fi

Read the whole issue on Adult education and Social Media

Follow Elm at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.




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