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Tampereen Messut

Recipient of Taito-Finlandia 2014 Award will be announced at the Finnish Handicrafts Fair

Media release.
Published: 13-Oct-2014 03:35 pm
Publisher: Tampereen Messut


This year's most anticipated handicrafts fair, Finnish Handicrafts, will be held from 14 to 16 November at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, simultaneously with the Tampere Art Fair. Europe's biggest handicrafts and applied arts fair will have almost 600 exhibitors. The opening ceremony will include the announcement of the recipient of the Taito-Finlandia 2014 Award which will be selected by designers Aamu Song and Johan Olin. The international stars will be the fathers of the German myboshi phenomenon, Felix and Thomas. The fair will be hosted by Saimi Hoyer. The event attracts over 36,000 visitors every year.

“We want to support Finnish handicraft businesses, increase the appreciation and sales of Finnish products and highlight the importance of being a responsible consumer. This event is for the entire Finnish handicrafts industry. We have collaborated with several parties all over the country to bring this fair together, which shows more clearly in the content of the event as it offers plenty of ideas and inspiration for amateurs as well as professionals. Finnish Handicrafts stands for quality, Finland and a love of handcrafts. Finnish design, teamwork and fantastic exhibitions also form an integral part of the fair program,” says Product Group Manager Mervi Oksanen of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

Designers Aamu Song and Johan Olin will select the recipient of the Taito-Finlandia 2014 Award

The third Taito-Finlandia Award will be presented at this year's Finnish Handicrafts Fair. The recipient will be selected by respected designers Aamu Song and Johan Olin who will announce their decision at the opening. The nominees will be chosen by a jury of handicrafts and applied arts experts. The Taito-Finlandia award is given to a person, organization, act, phenomenon, event or product that has promoted the aims of the handicrafts and applied arts industry. The purpose of this recognition is to give attention to remarkable people or items that have promoted the crafts culture and to make the industry more known and respected. The winner will receive a glass sculpture designed by Oiva Toikka for Taito-Finlandia as well as 5,000 euros which will this year be donated by Aito Säästöpankki. The first Taito-Finlandia was given in 2012 to Janakkala-based Ruokangas Guitars Oy based on the decision by design critic Kaj Kalin. The Taito-Finlandia 2013 Award went to Hattulan Kaakelitehdas Oy in Tampere. The winner was selected by fashion designer Paola Suhonen.

Finnish Handicrafts Fair will be opened by Mert Otsamo and hosted by Saimi Hoyer

The opening of the Finnish Handicrafts Fair will take place on Friday 14 November at 11.30am. The opening speaker will be fashion designer Mert Otsamo. In addition to Taito-Finlandia, the Artisan of the Year and the Finnish Handicrafts Innovation Awards will be presented as part of the opening ceremony. The theme speaker will be designer and artist Markku Piri and his topic will be Home – decorate with passion, listen to your own voice, choose quality! Marianne Heikkilä, Executive Director of the Martha Association, will bring the 115th anniversary greetings from the Marthas to the event. The opening and the fair will be hosted by Saimi Hoyer.

Creators of myboshi beanies, Felix and Thomas, are coming to Finland

German ski instructors Felix Rohland and Thomas Jaenisch, the creators of the myboshi phenomenon, will visit the fair on Saturday and Sunday. The crochet stars will show how quick it is to make a beanie using soft myboshi yarn. Myboshi beanies have become a huge trend and are being used by teenagers, athletes and celebrities all over the world. Myboshi yarn and the Myboshi, minun piponi book (Nemo, 2014) will be available at Novita's stand.

Crocheting with Molla Mills on Idea Stage – hosts Minna Särelä, Olga Temonen and Virpi Siira

The Idea Stage program will inspire you to try something new and encourage you to take part in a collective circle crocheting project. There will also be a collective street art crocheting project with Molla Mills and Paloni, mosaic ball shows and Näpsä's human knitting machine. On Friday the Idea Stage events will be hosted by Minna Särelä, a persistent handicrafts entrepreneur and advocate. On Saturday the stage will be taken over by actor and columnist Olga Temonen and the Sunday host will be Virpi Siira, an innovative handicrafts blogger and the writer of the Oma KOPPA crocheting book. The Crafts Market will introduce the latest ideas and techniques for crafts and scrapbooking. The Mosaic Workshop will give you chance to make a small mosaic decoration and learn about different techniques and materials.

Fashion shows with charming Finnish folklore and design

The Finnish Handicrafts and Finnish Design fashion shows will give Finnish designers and artisans an opportunity to showcase their creations. The shows will be organized by Promodel Oy. This year the Finnish Handicrafts fashion shows will include a Folkista poppia (From Folk to Pop) entrance by the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito ry and the Craft Museum of Finland, showcasing new kinds of handicrafts and design products inspired by Finnish folklore. The Toimiva tyyli (Style that works) shows with stylist Kati Vasell will also provide handy tips on how to find your own style. Incredible Handicraft Stories will also delight the visitors on the Program Stage.

Exhibitions include Aarikka

Jewelry from the Ateljee collection designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Aarikka and mementos from past decades in commemoration of the company's founder Kaija Aarikka will be displayed at the exhibition section, providing a nostalgic and relaxing oasis in the middle of the busy event. Markku Piri's exhibition will include art glass and household textiles. The Finnish Handicrafts Innovation exhibition will showcase the top ten products of the competition now held for the 13th time. The Artisan of the Year exhibition will consist of the creations by the winner of the Artisan of the Year competition. The Kaiken maailman sisustusvalot (World of Decorative Lamps) exhibition will consist of an extensive selection of decorative lamps made from paper twine, wire and linen. This collection will be brought to the fair by Kankuri Kokkola, i.e. Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa ry. The fair will also showcase new creations by young designers from the Institute of Design and Fine Arts at Lahti University of Applied Sciences and the results of domestic collaboration. The Innostu ja inspiroidu huovasta! (Get excited and inspired about felt!) exhibition will feature products from the competition organized by Suuri Käsityö Magazine, Pirkanmaan Kotityö Oy and the Finnish Handicrafts Fair. The Finnish handicraft entrepreneurs' exhibition will focus on Finnish expertise and the handicrafts business. The HopeanHarmaa (Silver & Gray) gift exhibition will include gift items that are mainly silvery or gray. These items will also be on sale at different stands. The Pala taivasta (A Piece of Heaven) exhibition will feature Saagadesign's unique dresses and stories behind the dresses.

The sweetest knitted items and charity cards

This autumn Pirkka, Fazer and Novita invite everyone to be creative and knit items inspired by Fazer's candy wrappers. All of the delicious knitted items will be displayed at the fair and the public will have a chance to vote for their favorites. Korttitalkoot (Cards for Charity) by Ihana Magazine, Paperilla and the Finnish Handicrafts Fair invites all craft enthusiasts to make Christmas and greeting cards. The cards will be sold at the fair for 5 euros each and the proceeds will go to the New Children's Hospital 2017 project and the leftover cards will be donated to charity. Taito Pirkanmaa ry and Pirkanmaan Kotityö Oy are taking part in the national Roosa nauha (Pink Ribbon) campaign. The special yarn, sock knitting instruction books and reflectors can be purchased at the fair as well as at the Pirkanmaa Craft Centers, Taito Shop and their online store. The Taito organization will donate part of the proceeds from each Roosa nauha product to the Cancer Society of Finland – EUR 0.80 per ball of yarn, EUR 0.90 per reflector and EUR 0.50 per book.

Theme cafés with celebrations, lace making, crocheting and knitting – Deli will offer locally produced goods

The Juhla Mokka Café will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Juhla Mokka coffee. The ambassador of good coffee, Paula from Paulig, will visit the café every day. The Crafts Café will focus on lace making. The Finnish Lace Making Association will fill the café with workshops, demos and lace experts. The Marthas' Handicrafts Café is the place to be if you are interested in knitting and crocheting and perhaps learning a new trick or two from the Pirkanmaa Marthas. The Face to Face blog café allows you to meet handicrafts bloggers. The Finnish Handicrafts Deli will sell locally produced goods.

The fourth Tampere Art Fair at the same time

This year the Finnish Handicrafts Fair will be held at the same time as the popular Tampere Art Fair. The fair aimed at art buyers and enthusiasts will showcase and sell works by various artists. In addition, the fair will offer new ideas and supplies for amateurs. The interviews and discussions will focus on several well-known artists and others involved in the field. This event will now be held for the fourth time. The visitors can access both fairs with the same ticket during the same day.

The Finnish Handicrafts Fair is the biggest handicrafts and applied arts fair in Europe, now held for the 19th time by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. and Taito Pirkanmaa ry. Last year the event attracted 36,728 visitors. The Tampere Art Fair will be held at the same time, now organized by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. for the 4th time.

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Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd, www.tampereenmessut.fi
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