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Finland gets two new strong players to the security market

Media release.
Published: 04-Apr-2016 04:00 pm
Publisher: Turvatiimi

Sector Alarm´s Nordic expansion strategy goes forward as planned. The Finnish competition authorities gave their approval for Sector Alarm acquiring G4S Finland on 8 March 2016 and closing of this transaction was done on 4 April 2016. “Sector Alarm now fully owns both Turvatiimi and G4S Finland, which are the platform to build two new and competitive companies to the Finnish Security market. One company will focus on serving larger companies and public customers whereas the other one will focus on residential and SME customers” says Jørgen Dahl, CEO and founder of Sector Alarm Group. “As these line of businesses are different in nature and works under different business models, it is clear to run these as two separate companies” he continues.

Company focusing on larger companies and public customers is producing a full set of guarding and security services and security solutions, including Cash-In-Transit services and cash Management services, through presence in 22 cities around Finland. Vision is to create a new and strong service company which will produce modern, technology oriented and cost effective guarding and security services in Finland.

“We strongly believe that our current and coming customers will benefit from this consolidation. We will have strong security service and solution offering, nationwide operations and possibility to offer also services and solutions in Sweden through our sister company. Customers can utilize our deep knowledge on security services and solutions and strong understanding on different needs of different customer segments. We will leave both Turvatiimi and G4S Finland behind us as the integration goes forward. The plan is to combine operations and aim for clear product portfolio and synergies which are enabling profitable business and investments for the growth” says Managing Director Juha Murtopuro. Combined Turvatiimi and G4S total revenue in 2015 was appr. 100M€ and combined employed appr. 2500 security service, security solution and cash management professionals. 

At the same time, Sector Alarm Finland is starting the business focusing on alarms and security solutions for residential and SME customers. Already over 410.000 satisfied customers in Norway, Sweden and Ireland using these services on daily basis. The base of this business will be the existing residential and SME customers of both Turvatiimi and G4S Finland, altogether around 15 000 alarm customers. This business is headed by Mats Bengtsson who also works as CCO of Sector Alarm Group.


More information:

Turvatiimi and G4S Finland, Juha Murtopuro, juha.murtopuro@turvatiimi.fi, +358 40 4141 007

Turvatiimi and G4S Finland, Tiina Tanttu, tiina.tanttu@turvatiimi.fi, +358 40 776 7106

Sector Alarm Finland, Mats Bengtsson, mats.bengtsson@sectoralarm.com, +46 733 757 111

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