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Tampereen Messut

Minister Anne Berner will open the logistics, safety and occupational well-being event

Media release.
Published: 13-Apr-2016 08:59 am
Publisher: Tampereen Messut

Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, will open the Logistics, EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare trade fairs which will all be held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre from 13 to 15 September. The combination of events will bring together professionals from the fields of safety, occupational well-being, materials handling and logistics for the first time. Also coming to Tampere for the first time, the Occupational Health Days will be held as part of the event on 13 and 14 September.

Minister Berner will speak about the Transport Code project which will help introduce new technologies, digitalisation and new business concepts. With the help of open data and better use of data resources, favourable conditions will be provided for new business ideas.
Occupational safety is important for all industries

“Changes in working life and the general level of safety in the world are contributing factors as to why safety and occupational well-being matters are important within all industries. For example, many companies providing office solutions in the Finnish market have expanded their activities to cover occupational safety products and services. Companies clearly find the contents of the EuroSafety Trade Fair to be relevant and interesting as 80% of the stands have already been booked and we will also have new safety industry companies from countries like Italy, Denmark, Poland and Sweden. In logistics, automation solutions and the need to enhance storage technology mean that more attention is being paid to occupational safety. Occupational well-being and management of work play a major role in these changes,” says Project Manager Veli-Pekka Rouvali of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

The topics discussed at the Logistics Trade Fair will include the importance of automation and digitalisation in in-house logistics, e-commerce logistics and the highlighted impact of logistics in connection with structural changes within the social and health sector. The EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare topics will cover, for example, occupational health and safety development and the reduction of accidents.

Occupational Health Days focus on working capacity and use of digital solutions at work

The Occupational Health Days will be held on 13 and 14 September in connection with the EuroSafety, Workplace Welfare and Logistics trade fairs. The theme of the event in 2016 is Tositarkoituksella työstä (“Seriously about Work”). The topics of the two-day seminar include working capacity management, healthy work at different stages of life, a safe working environment and a good workplace community. The speakers will tell about the results of research and development projects and introduce practical solutions and tools to be utilized at workplaces.

“Our aim is to organize a topical seminar for occupational health, well-being and safety professionals and to introduce some of the topics to all visitors at our stand. The core message of the Occupational Health Days is that investment in working capacity is always worthwhile. The sessions led by experts will deal with good occupational health care collaboration practices and success in various projects affecting occupational well-being. One of the key themes will also be the utilization of digital solutions at work,” says Director Marja Tuomainen of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The events will be organized by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd together with its main partners, the Association of Finnish Suppliers of Labour Safety Equipment (STYL) and the Industrial Trucks Section of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders. The Occupational Health Days will be organized by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on 13–14 September 2016.

Further information: www.eurosafety.fi, www.tyohyvinvointimessut.fi, www.logistiikkamessut.fi

Social media: #EuroSafety, #Työhyvinvointi, #ttpaivat, #Logistiikka, Twitter: @TampereenMessut, @ttpaivat / Facebook: facebook.com/tampereenmessut, facebook.com/tyoterveyslaitos

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd, www.tampereenmessut.fi, firstname.lastname@tampereenmessut.fi
EuroSafety, Workplace Welfare: Veli-Pekka Rouvali, Project Manager, tel. +358 50 516 4005, @VelluRouvali1
Logistics: Mikael Wänskä, Project Manager, tel. +358 40 350 0445
Tanja Järvensivu, Event and Communications Manager, tel. +358 50 536 8133, @TanjaJarvensivu
Meri Mattila, Communications Officer, tel. +358 400 914 877, @MeriTMattila

Occupational Health Days:
Marja Tuomainen, Director, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, marja.tuomainen(a)ttl.fi, tel. +358 40 551 6165, @MaruTuo


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