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Tampereen Messut

Major safety, occupational well-being and welding events in Tampere in the autumn

Media release.
Published: 30-Apr-2014 03:58 pm
Publisher: Tampereen Messut


From 5 to 7 November, Tampere will host three international trade fairs simultaneously, offering great benefits for the visitors. The international safety industry trade fair will now be held in Tampere, Finland for the 14th time. In addition to the safety trade fair, now known as EuroSafety, the combination of events includes the Workplace Welfare trade fair (Työhyvinvointi) and the Nordic Welding Expo, which is the most significant welding event in the Nordic region. The international Nordic Welding Conference and the Finnish Junior Welding Championships will also take place as part of the Nordic Welding Expo.

The autumn event will offer an interesting combination for safety, occupational well-being and welding professionals. Why should the safety, occupational well-being and welding trade fairs be held at the same time?

“The content of the events genuinely support each other, thus producing a great deal of synergy. The events offer a variety of solutions for companies, all in one place. Welders really need the products that are showcased at the EuroSafety trade fair where the emphasis is on occupational health and safety. For example, those visitors who are responsible for investments in the welding industry will not only have a chance to visit the welding event, but they can also explore an extensive selection of occupational health and safety solutions and new products. The EuroSafety event will, of course, offer solutions for all industries, not just welding. The importance of occupational well-being is increasing irrespective of the industry and thus the themes work well together. It makes sense for companies to send several people to the events, both management and employees. The events offer something for people in different positions, including occupational safety managers and representatives, those in charge of procurement, HR and occupational well-being as well as welding and production specialists,” says Jani Maja, Product Group Manager, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. 

14th safety trade fair in Tampere – EuroSafety will make the event more international 

The international safety industry trade fair has been held in Tampere since 1986 and it has always been at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Now the event will be held for the 14th time and it has been given a new name, EuroSafety. Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd’s main partner is the Association of Finnish Suppliers of Labor Safety Equipment (STYL ry).

“We are very happy to take part in organizing the international safety trade fair in Tampere for the 14th time. Holding the welding and safety industry trade fairs simultaneously has been our aim for a long time, so we are very excited about this combination and the synergy it will offer. Welders always use personal protective equipment, so these events have a lot in common. In addition to the welder's protective equipment, specialists also need other special equipment such as heat-resistant clothes, gloves and footwear, protective masks and hearing protection devices. The Workplace Welfare trade fair will also add important elements to the events,” says STYL ry's chairman Jukka Nylander.

“The aim has been to make the Tampere safety trade fair more international and modern. In addition to Finland, EuroSafety will include exhibitors from other countries, including Norway, Sweden and Sri Lanka. The participants will have more opportunities to build networks and acquire new contacts due to the other events. The trade fair will cover different aspects of safety, including security, occupational health and safety and occupational well-being. This year the emphasis will be on occupational health and safety, occupational well-being and welding. There will also be companies that offer fire and rescue-related solutions,” says Veli-Pekka Rouvali, Project Manager for EuroSafety and the Workplace Welfare trade fairs of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

The previous Tampere safety trade fair was held in 2012 and over 50 percent of the visitors were interested in occupational health and safety and 35 percent were interested in occupational well-being services. Furthermore, 29 percent of the NWE 2012 visitors ranked occupational health and safety and work clothes among the three most interesting product groups. 

The Nordic Welding Conference will make the number one welding event more international

The Nordic Welding Expo will be organized for the fifth time by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd on behalf of the Welding Society of Finland (SHY). It is the most significant welding event in the Nordic region and all major companies in the industry will take part in the event. This year SHY will only take part in organizing the NWE.

The NWE will provide a cross-section of new products and innovations in the fields of welding, cutting and joining. Steel construction and maintenance will also be among the main themes. The two-day Nordic Welding Conference 2014 will be held in connection with the trade fair, now for the first time as a so-called IIW Associated Event (International Institute of Welding). The NWC will be part of the IIW’s Regional Activities.

“The Nordic Welding Conference is usually held every three years. The previous conference was in Oslo in 2012. We wanted to make the NWC an important part of the Nordic Welding Expo. The conference is expected to have approx. 150 participants, mainly from the Nordic region. Some of the lecturers come from other European countries. This year the themes of the conference will include the future and competitiveness of welding, strong steel, design, laser and robot welding as well as automation. In addition to Finland, the NWC has been previously held in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The event was once known as Nordisk Svetsmötet (NSM),” says SHY’s Training Manager Juha Kauppila.

SHY will hold the Finnish Junior Welding Championships as part of the trade fair, giving under 21-year-old students and other young welders a chance to compete against each other. The first ever welding robot competition will also take place if there are participants. There will be competitions held on all three days.  

The Satellite Seminar will discuss safety on the day before the trade fair

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the Association of Finnish Suppliers of Labor Safety Equipment (STYL), the Welding Society of Finland (SHY) and the Association of Finnish Safety Managers will organize the Satellite Seminar on Tuesday 4 November, in other words the day before the trade fair.  The seminar will be held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre and the aim is to discuss, for example, the future of Finnish work from the viewpoint of welding, the safety of welding and robotics and the importance and use of protective equipment. Program and details: www.eurosafety.fi, www.nordicweldingexpo.fi (in Finnish).

Workplace Welfare offers tools for meaningful work

When occupational well-being is appropriately taken care of, working is safe and meaningful. Occupational well-being includes ergonomics and safety as well as good management, equality, atmosphere and expertise. According to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, investments in occupational well-being will pay for themselves many times over. Thus, a happy and healthy group of staff are an employer's most important resource. Workplace well-being has a significant impact on a company's competitiveness, reputation and profitability. The Workplace Welfare 2014 event is aimed at both employers and employees and it will showcase products, services, solutions and the latest information regarding occupational health and well-being. The event will also offer guidance, training and consulting services as well as functional activities such as work capacity tests and demos of activities that maintain an individual's work capacity. Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd will now organize the event for the fifth time.

Every year the TTT Magazine recognizes an important occupational well-being contribution (Hyvän työelämän puolestapuhuja). This year the recognition will be given as part of the EuroSafety, Workplace Welfare and Nordic Welding Expo opening on 5 November 2014. Who in your opinion has promoted occupational safety and well-being on a national level? Please send your suggestion and reasoning as well as your contact details by email to ttt-palaute(a)ttl.fi.

Safety, occupational well-being and welding events at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre from 5 to 7 November 2014. EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare trade fairs in Hall A, Nordic Welding Expo in Hall E The event will be open from 9 am until 5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday and from 9 am until 4 pm on Friday.

Further information: www.eurosafety.fi, www.tyohyvinvointimessut.fi, www.nordicweldingexpo.fi

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd, www.tampereenmessut.fi Twitter: @TampereenMessut, Facebook: www.facebook.com/tampereenmessut
Tanja Järvensivu, Communications Manager, tel. +358 50 536 8133, tanja.jarvensivu(a)tampereenmessut.fi, @TanjaJarvensivu

EuroSafety & Workplace Welfare:
Veli-Pekka Rouvali, Project Manager, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd,
tel. +358 50 516 4005, veli-pekka.rouvali(a)tampereenmessut.fi
STYL ry: Jukka Nylander, Chairman, tel. +358 400 601 426 or
Jouni Ojala, Director, tel. +358 400 430 547

Nordic Welding Expo:
Raimo Pylvänäinen, Project Manager, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd,
tel. +358 400 671 923, raimo.pylvanainen(a)tampereenmessut.fi
SHY ry: Jouko Lassila, Executive Director, tel. +358 40 589 7071 or
Juha Kauppila, Training Manager, tel. +358 (0)40 5572939


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