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Finnish-Norwegian research project receives prestigious EU funding: New ECO-technology to detect metal contamination of aquatic environments

Media release.
Published: 04-Dec-2014 07:07 pm
Publisher: EHP-Tekniikka

ENVIMON, in competition with hundreds of future-oriented environmental research project, has been awarded EU funding under the ECO-Innovation programme. The objective is to develop a ground- breaking solution for monitoring heavy metal in water, and improve environmental safety. 

The presence of dangerous metals in surface and ground water is a significant risk to our health and the environment, and represents an increasingly serious problem worldwide. At present the detection of metals requires manual water sampling and laboratory analysis – a time-consuming, retrospective method with no possibilities for real-time intervention. 

The ENVIMON project will develop and commercialise an automated online water monitoring and reporting solution for continuous metering of metal concentrations. The aim is to provide continuous monitoring and better control, including early warning alarms, in drainage basins. Furthermore the system will help water-intensive industries like mining, metal manufacturing and pulp & paper producers reduce metal emissions and improve their environmental performance and productivity. The system will fully meet the needs of environmental authorities responsible for water monitoring. 

ENVIMON, with support from the ECO-Innovation programme worth over 375.000 EUR, kicks off in September 2014 with preliminary studies and sensor tests. The European Union ECO-Innovation initiative bridges the gap between research and the market, and in particular supports SMEs in developing environmentally-friendly technologies and processes. 


The ENVIMON consortium is comprised of the Finnish company EHP-Tekniikka Ltd (Project Coordinator), the University of Oulu / CEMIS-Oulu Measurement Technology Unit, and the Norwegian company EnviTech AS. 

The primary project activities include implementation and field testing of unique sensor technology developed by the University of Oulu. Another activity is developing methods for statistically estimating concentrations of other metals and substances in the water. ENVIMON will further develop solar- energy based field measurement stations for continuous monitoring in harsh environments which will be subjected to rigorous field-testing in Nordic Countries. Using MapGraph Solutions, a web system for total environmental information management, new advanced monitoring and management functionality will be provided. 

For more information and available photos, please contact:

EHP-Tekniikka Ltd. Finland
Project coordinator
Risto Hiljanen CEO
risto.hiljanen@ehp-tekniikka.fi +358 45 670 1302 
University of Oulu/CEMIS Finland
Research Institute
Jarkko Räty, Research manager
jarkko.raty@oulu.fi +358 40 839 7353
Envitech AS, Norway Provider of
Dag Joar Larsen CEO
Dag.joar.larsen@envitech.no +47 6721 5901










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