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Thin Film Coating Creates Opportunities for Industry (MIKKELI, FINLAND)

Media release.
Published: 24-Feb-2012 01:06 pm
Publisher: Miktech Oy

Coating technology provides industry with new possibilities and solutions, for example, by reducing the energy consumption and the environmental impact of materials. Leading international experts in thin film coating are getting together in the MIICS 2012 seminar organized in Mikkeli, Finland, on March 14th to 16th, 2012. The seminar offers insights into the new development and applications in the field and brings together the developers and the users of the technology.

Coating technology is increasingly important in various fields of industry. In electronics, development is in the direction of smaller and smaller components and to printing methods familiar from the paper and packaging industries. At the same time, there is a high demand for cost effectiveness and environmentally friendliness. The manufacture of electronics on plastic materials requires thin film coating, which also enables the reduction of material usage and substitution of environmentally problematic materials. In machine building, on the other hand, the new coatings can be used to control friction and wear, thus enabling longer maintenance intervals and reduced energy consumption.


MIICS Presents the Newest Technology and Promotes Its Utilisation
Mikkeli International Industrial Coating Seminar (MIICS) aims at to increasing the awareness of the newest technologies in thin film coating and the opportunities they create, as well as at accelerating their industrial and commercial utilisation. The seminar is targeted at the technology developers and the research and development personnel of the manufacturing industry. MIICS 2012 is centred around ultra thin coatings. One of the main themes is the industrial application of atomic layer deposition (ALD) as well as continuous and roll-to-roll processing, in which Mikkeli area in Finland represents the highest international expertise.


Solar Energy, Machine Building and Electronics Highlighted Fields of ApplicationIn the industrial applications, MIICS 2012 emphasizes solar energy, where coatings have a central role in increasing the efficiency of collecting the sun’s energy. MIICS also deals with the importance of coatings in machine building, where the coating technology enables the reduction of the wearing of the components and of the energy consumption of the equipment in different industrial environments from vehicle motors to process industry equipment. In addition, the seminar gives an insight into the coatings on paper and different plastic films, with industrial applications such as printable electronics and packaging.


The seminar offers presentations from the highest experts of the field from all around the world. Among the most eminent are, for example, the professors Jeon Han from South Korea, Yuji Mihara from Japan and Kenneth Holmberg from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Additional information, program details and the instructions for registration can be found at http://www.miics.net/


More information: 

Professor David Cameron, Lappeenranta University of Technology, tel int. +358 40 835 264

Mr. Juha Kauppinen, Development Director, Miktech Ltd. +358 440 361 616 (available March 5 ->)


Mikkeli International Industrial Coating Seminar 2012 brings together the leading experts on coating technology to Mikkeli, Finland for the sixth time. The seminar is organized by Miktech Ltd./ Nanotechnology Cluster Programme, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Savo-Solar Ltd and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences.

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