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Nuorisotutkimusseura ry

New publication: Exceptional Life Courses. Elite Athletes and Successful Artists in 2000s Finland

Media release.
Published: 11-May-2016 10:57 am
Publisher: Nuorisotutkimusseura ry


Exceptional Life Courses analyses the development and growth of 96 Finnish athletes and the careers of 29 successful Finnish artists. Athletes and artists were researched separately, but common features in their life courses were compared. The vast research data is internationally unique, and it leads the reader deep into the social and cultural worlds of athletes and artists.

 Exceptional Life Courses – Elite Athletes and Successful Artists in 2000s Finland is an abbreviated English translation of two books published in Finnish, one of which deals with the life courses of artists and the other with those of athletes. For both groups, the analysis starts from the childhood home and reaches the very top of the artists’ and athletes’ careers. Both books have been widely discussed in Finland. They offer a front seat to observe the social networks, life course transitions and the development of agency of top athletes and successful artists in the changing Finland of the millennium.


The English language online publication is available free of charge from the website www.youthresearch.fi/exceptionallifecourses as well as from www.nuorisotutkimusseura.fi/verkkokauppa/verkkojulkaisut.

It is also possible to order a printed copy of the book from www.nuorisotutkimusseura.fi/verkkokauppa or from orders@youthresearch.fi.


Details of the publication

Mikko Salasuo, Mikko Piispa & Helena Huhta: Exceptional Life Courses. Elite Athletes and Successful Artists in 2000s Finland. Translation from Finnish: Minna Kalajoki. 2016. Finnish Youth Research Society, Finnish Youth Research Network Publications 177, internet publications 97. ISBN (printed version) 978-952-7175-03-3, ISSN 1799-9219, ISBN (PDF) 978-952-7175-04-0, ISSN (PDF) 1799-9227. 273 pages, 30 euros.

For further information, please contact the authors

Mikko Salasuo (tel. +358 40 548 5520, mikko.salasuo@youthresearch.fi), leading senior researcher, Finnish Youth Research Network.

Mikko Piispa (tel. +358 40 727 3080, mikko.piispa@youthresearch.fi), M.Soc.Sci., researcher.

Helena Huhta (tel. +358 40 766 6890, helena.huhta@youthresearch.fi), M.Soc.Sci., researcher, Finnish Youth Research Network.

New English website launched

After a few months of silence, we are pleased to announce that our renewed English website has been launched at www.youthresearch.fi. The Finnish site remains at www.nuorisotutkimusseura.fi. You can switch between languages using the language selection links at the top of the page. You are warmly welcome to visit our new website.

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