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Film technology will give equestrian sports new possibilities to progress - FilmMe published Coach Live that enables live broadcasting

Media release.
Published: 01-Mar-2014 01:52 pm
Publisher: FilmMe

Equestrian sports have been slow when it comes to IT. A change is about to happen as the Finnish company FilmMe has developed a video camera that follows the rider via motion detectors. In Sweden the camera can be found in Flyinge, one of the largest equestrian colleges in Europe. FilmMe is in use in the big riding hall in Flyinge.

- This is exactly what is needed to develop riding in the right direction, comments Olympic medalist from 1972, Jan Jönsson, who teaches at Flyinge.  


The camera has been invented by the Finnish entrepreneurs Tapio Koivukangas and Lauri Salovaara. 

– The system consists of a camera and motion detectors that are installed in a riding hall, sports hall or similar. Rider or other sportsperson wears a wristband, which is identified by the motion detectors and followed by the camera, explains Tapio Koivukangas, CEO of FilmMe Group Ltd.

– This has been discussed for a long time at national team level. It is crucial for the riders to be able to see their own riding, but it is not always possible due to lacking cameraman or proper equipment, says Jan Jönsson.


Riders and other persons doing various sports can see their videos on computer or mobile phone. In the near future it will be possible to broadcast video in real time as FilmMe published today, in connection with Gothenburg International Horse Show, a new feature - Coach Live - that enables live broadcasting.   

– This means for example that Kyra Kyrklund, who teaches at Flyinge, can instruct riders via phone while sitting on her own coach in England, says Marianne Lilja Wittbom, CEO of Flyinge.


The camera has been in use in Flyinge only a couple of weeks, but the system is already popular among riders.

– Sometimes you need to return to the performances after the riding lessons. I’m looking forward to use this system when teaching students from highschoolers and up, says Bo Jenå, one of the instructors at Flyinge.

-The system in Flyinge is the thirdteenth FilmMe-system in the world. Flyinge is an exciting place which has an impressive amount of events. We are really looking forward to this cooperation, summarises Tapio Koivukangas, CEO of FilmMe Ltd.


For further information:

Anna Nyström, Press officer Flyinge AB

Tel: +46 649 43

Mobile: +46 735 62 13 23

E-mail: anna.nystrom@flyinge.se


Tapio Koivukangas, CEO FilmMe Group Ltd.

Mobile: +358 40 5410 544

Email: tapio.koivukangas@filmme.tv



Flyinge AB is a modern and international equestrian learning center and one of the oldest stud farms in the world, with its roots in the 12th century. Activities stretch over several sectors: sports, education, research and events. For more information about Flyinge please visit:  www.flyinge.se

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