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Elisa Oyj

Elisa's climate reporting scores high in the CDP index

Media release.
Published: 04-Nov-2015 10:32 am
Publisher: Elisa Oyj

Elisa Corporation, press release, 4 November 2015

Elisa reports on its carbon footprint every year in the international CDP survey. In the CDP Nordic Climate Change 2015 report published today, Elisa's climate report received a perfect score of 100 out of 100 and Elisa made Climate Disclosure Leadership 2015 (CDLI) index. The average score for Nordic companies was 84. Elisa's climate report for investors and global markets has received the highest ratings of Nordic enterprises and best of telecom companies.

Elisa works persistently to help mitigate climate change by using low-emission ICT services and improving energy efficiency. Systematic measuring and reporting of climate impact and independent evaluations make the results visible every year.

According to the results published today by CDP, Elisa is among the best Nordic companies because it publishes high-quality reports on carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

“In environmental responsibility, our focus is on climate responsibility and energy efficiency, which we can influence significantly through our services and actions. Last year, our customers' emission savings grew by 41 per cent, and our own carbon footprint continued to decline by 17 per cent. Almost all electricity purchased in Finland is produced using renewable sources, and we continuously implement energy efficiency measures in data centres and the radio network. We are also pioneers in changing working culture and promoting flexible work. We use different kinds of virtual tools to support our work and replace travelling”, says Elisa's corporate responsibility director Minna Kröger.

“As the world looks beyond the Paris climate change negotiations and prepares for a low-carbon future, reliable information about how companies are responding to the transition will be ever more valuable.  For this reason, we congratulate those businesses that have achieved a position on CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index”, says Paul Dickinson, the executive chairman of CDP and one of its founders.

Every year, more than 3,000 companies are included in CDP's reports globally. They evaluate the transparency and quality of companies' emission reporting and their understanding of the effects of climate change on business. This year, 147 companies responded to the Nordic survey. The Nordic 260 report can be downloaded from www.cdproject.net

In 2014, Elisa’s total score was of 92 out of 100 in the CDP index.

Read more about Elisa's environmental responsibility http://www.elisa.com/corporate-responsibility/

Elisa's 2014 corporate responsibility report: http://vuosikertomus.elisa.fi/en/annual-report-2014/responsibility/responsibility-at-elisa.html

Additional information:
Elisa Corporation, Corporate Responsibility Director Minna Kröger, tel. +358 50 572 7620, firstname.lastname@elisa.fi

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers. Elisa provides environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for improving operating methods and productivity of organisations. In Finland Elisa is the market leader in mobile subscriptions. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor enables globally competitive services. Elisa is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with over 200 000 shareholders. Elisa's revenue in 2014 was 1.54 billion euros and it employed 4,100 people. www.elisa.com

CDP, formerly Carbon Disclosure Project, is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. CDP works with market forces, including 822 institutional investors with assets of €86 trillion, to motivate companies to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce them.  More than 5,500 companies disclosed environmental information through CDP in 2015. CDP now holds the largest collection globally of primary climate change, water and forest risk commodities information and puts these insights at the heart of strategic business, investment and policy decisions.  Please visit www.cdp.net or follow us @CDP to find out more.

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