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Elisa Oyj

Elisa s Responsibility report: Substantial reduction in carbon emissions in ICT services with renewable energy in 2014

Media release.
Published: 04-Mar-2015 09:30 am
Publisher: Elisa Oyj

Elisa Corporation, Press release 4 March 2015

Elisa customers chose environmentally friendly ICT- and Online solutions in 2014. By using Elisa’s solutions, customers achieved emission savings of nearly 31,000 tCO2 equalling savings of emissions from six space flights. The savings improved by 41 per cent compared with 2013. Especially usage of interactive solutions and cloud services have increased. Elisa’s carbon footprint declined further by 17 per cent compared with 2013. Almost all electricity sourced in Finland is now renewable energy.

Elisa released today it’s second, verified Corporate Responsibility report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Responsibility report is published as part of Elisa’s Online Annual Report and describes Elisa’s impact on society and the environment. Elisa’s corporate responsibility is realized not only as a significant constructive input into society through investments and the ability to pay taxes, but also as new sustainable services available to all Finns and Estonians, as well as an enthusiastic and evolving staff.

- In environmental responsibility, we have for a long time focused on climate friendliness, which we can significantly influence through the services we offer and our own operations. For example, we offer video-assisted customer service to handle banking and Kela needs, and Virtual Care service enables us to stay in touch with our families as well as use services provided by society, says Elisa's Corporate Responsibility Manager Annukka Mickelsson.

- These continuously growing emissions savings demonstrate that visual and digital interaction has become a permanent feature of everyday life in Finland. To support this development and improve digital skills we launched for example a new “For Families” website, and arranged several digital schools for children as well as senior events.

Elisa’s carbon footprint was 56,475 tCO2 in 2014, which equals the carbon footprint of 6,500 Finns.

- The decrease in the carbon footprint was significantly influenced by the sourcing of origin marked, renewable energy. In addition our way of virtual working continued to save time spent on commuting, and energy efficiency measures in data centres and mobile network increased savings in electricity.

In 2014, Elisa performance continued to score excellently in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) scoring 92 out of 100, and joining the best companies in performance band A. The average score of Nordic companies was 80 (performance band C). This is a confirmation of long-term work carried out to measure emissions, as well as an understanding of climate change issues in the industry.

Elisa's Annual Report and Corporate responsibility report for 2014: http://vuosikertomus.elisa.fi/en

Highlights from Elisa’s Responsibility Report in 2014:

  • By using Elisa’s solutions, customers achieved emission savings of 30,971 (21,965) tCO2 of which
    • by using interactive solutions 26,921 (18,931) tCO2
    • by using cloud services 4,001 (2,982) tCO2
  • Elisa’s carbon footprint 56,475 (66,904) tCO2
  • Savings from electronic communication 823 tCO2, we handled electrically
    • over 90 per cent of contacts to customer service
    • 60 per cent of approximately  28 million invoices sent
    • 81 per cent of order confirmations
  • New record in virtual working
    • 70 remote days / Elisa employee
    • 202,771 virtual meetings

Additional information:
Elisa Corporation, Corporate Responsibility Manager Annukka Mickelsson, tel. +358 50 339 0963, firstname.lastname@elisa.fi

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers. Elisa provides environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for improving operating methods and productivity of organisations. In Finland Elisa is the market leader in mobile subscriptions. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor enables globally competitive services. Elisa is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with over 200 000 shareholders. Elisa's revenue in 2014 was 1.54 billion euros and it employed 4,100 people. www.elisa.com

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