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Elisa Oyj

Elisa helps companies enter the IoT era

Media release.
Published: 15-Jan-2015 02:30 pm
Publisher: Elisa Oyj

Elisa IoT offers an easy, fast and secure platform that enables companies of different types move to the era of the Internet of Things.

Elisa is launching the Elisa IoT service in Finland and Estonia. The service enables creating IoT applications and services quickly without the traditional software development process. Elisa IoT is a cloud-based open platform that offers tools for rapid software development, data storage and visualization.

– We are creating an open development platform upon which Finnish and Estonian companies and students can begin innovating new IoT products and new business. The Internet of Things, encompassing everything around us, will eventually change the world, so the opportunity to start now provides a significant competitive advantage to our companies, says Timo Katajisto, Executive Vice President, Corporate Customers, Elisa.

Katajisto emphasises that one of the most important values of the IoT is that real-time information can be mined out of the data of networked devices to be used in the management of business operations or product development.

– We want to help companies get the whole picture. Data transfer between individual devices alone does not help collect data that has true value, Katajisto says.

All the data located in Finland

Elisa IoT enables setting up networked devices, applications utilising them and entire business operations without a large-scale and long-term IT product development process. Elisa IoT software development utilises e.g. the codeless tools of ThingWorx, the world's leading IoT platform supplier, which speed up product development by several times.

– We are excited that ThingWorx technology will be a core aspect of the Elisa IoT Service, said Thomas Svensson, senior vice president EMEA, ThingWorx.  – The age of the Internet of Things is upon us and working with forward thinking companies, such as Elisa, enables us to deploy our unique technology so that customers can profit from complete, end-to-end solutions.

Elisa IoT offers companies a comprehensive service from device independent data connections to device management, data gathering, analytics and visualization, which together enable decision-making based on real-time information.

All the data is stored in Finland in Elisa’s own data centers. The service package also includes ensuring data security and round-the-clock monitoring.

– We offer a comprehensive service package, not merely data traffic between devices. With Elisa IoT, data gathered from different sources can be turned into information that drives business operations. Up-to-date information, in turn, creates a significant competitive edge, Katajisto continues.


More information:

Timo Katajisto, EVP, corporate customers, Elisa, +358 10 266 8371, firstname.surname@elisa.fi


Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers. Elisa provides environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for improving operating methods and productivity of organisations. In Finland Elisa is the market leader in mobile subscriptions and fixed broadband subscriptions. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor enables international use of services. Elisa is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with over 200 000 shareholders. Elisa's revenue in 2013 was 1.55 billion euros and it employed 4,200 people. www.elisa.com

ThingWorx™, a PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) business, provides the first platform designed to efficiently build and run the applications of today's connected world. ThingWorx's model-based design and search-based intelligence simplifies application development efforts by minimizing cost, and risk while accelerating time to value. The ThingWorx® platform combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, search, and social collaboration, and applies it to the world of “things,” including connected products, machines, sensors, systems, and industrial equipment. Businesses use the ThingWorx platform to rapidly deliver innovative applications and connected solutions across markets ranging from manufacturing, energy, and food, to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) remote monitoring and service, as well as in emerging Internet of Things applications, including smart cities, smart grid, agriculture, and transportation. For more information, please visit our website at www.thingworx.com and our blog at www.thingworx.com/blog or follow us on Twitter at @ThingWorx.

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