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Comptel plays a significant role in perfecting digital moments

Media release.
Published: 02-Mar-2015 07:00 am
Publisher: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

Comptel has undergone a change process that has sharpened the company’s ability to orchestrate and manage end-to-end services by perfecting customers digital moments.

Comptel is an international software and services company specializing in telecommunications and serving any company that needs to process staggering amount of data and act upon it.

Comptel’s recently renewed organization reflects the company’s focus on two core business areas: Comptel Intelligent Data and Comptel Service Orchestration. In addition, Comptel established a new business unit concentrating on new ideas and products in the early stage and their further development.

“This will allow us to develop more holistic services with which we can help our customers to boost revenues, cut costs and provide a better customer experience,” Comptel President & CEO Juhani Hintikka says.

Market is at a turning point

According to Hintikka, the business environment and industry of telecommunications operators are at a turning point. “Operators have a pressing need to develop and launch new services and improve the quality of the customer experience. Fierce competition requires operators to improve their business processes continuously and pay special attention to their cost structure.

’Generation Cloud’ is developing new habits when it comes to data usage, which means that operators require services and new project deliveries that create a strong basis for business growth. In addition, network technologies will be moving to software-based cloud environments at an increasing pace.”

Tighter integration and context-aware personalization increase complexity in policy and charging control. Dynamic changes in user behavior and the competitive landscape will only add to this complexity, as will the Internet of Things and Voice over LTE. “We see this as a way to help our customers by perfecting their digital moments.”

Interesting value proposition

Comptel has an interesting value proposition for the market. “We have the ability to collect and refine large amounts of data. From our perspective this means putting data into use. Often in Big Data projects data is only stored without thinking about what to do with it. We want to understand the business process that Data Refinery aims to impact. Another competence area is Data Fastermind, which means predictive analytics. It can be used, for example, to predict demand and network errors. Furthermore, with our Monetizer service operators can build data services and monetize them in less time than ever before.”

Comptel will be attending Mobile World Congress, 2-5 March 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Interested in perfecting and monetizing your digital moments? Contact Comptel to set up a meeting, or visit us in Hall 5, Stand #5G40.

Additional information and contact: http://bit.ly/1vN5PhU
Publisher: Editori.fi

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