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WEF estimates that Finland's airports are in top form

Media release.
Published: 06-Oct-2016 11:30 am
Publisher: Finavia Oyj

The investments of hundreds of millions of euros made by Finavia in recent years have raised the Finnish airport network to the fifth place in the world and made it the dominant leader in Northern Europe in terms of quality as estimated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its Global Competitiveness Report.

According to the report, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, all small and densely populated countries, are the only countries in the world ahead of Finland when it comes to the quality of airports. Of the other Nordic countries, Norway is 15th, Denmark 17th and Sweden 22nd.

“Finavia has recently completed its major development programme of approximately EUR 100 million in its central regional airports in different parts of Finland. The expansion of a total of EUR 900 million is proceeding as planned at Helsinki Airport. These major investments, which enable the high profit-making ability of Finavia, combined with low landing fees, have contributed to Finavia's excellent performance in the international comparison. Of course, Finavia's committed personnel play a significant part in that customer satisfaction at our airports has improved significantly in recent years,” says Kari Savolainen, CEO of Finavia.

Helsinki Airport is expected to have more than 17 million passengers this year. If Finavia's strategic investments succeed, the number of passengers is expected to increase to more than 20 million at the beginning of the 2020s. In Finland, the number of air passengers has increased significantly in the 2000s.

In 2005–2015, the number of passengers at Helsinki Airport increased by 47.5 per cent, while the corresponding figure was 21.0 per cent in Oulu and 24.4 per cent in Rovaniemi. However, most of the airports operated by Finavia lost passengers in 2005–2015.

Recently, the development of Finnish airports has received extensive worldwide recognition.

According to the survey issued by ACI Europe in summer, the significance of Helsinki Airport as a hub for international air traffic is greater than that of any other Nordic airport.

In spring, Helsinki Airport was recognised as the best airport in Northern Europe in the international airport survey conducted by Skytrax.

In the WEF survey, respondents evaluated the coverage, efficiency and quality of their country's airport infrastructure. Finland's airport network is owned and operated by Finavia Corporation.

Source: World Economic Forum (the Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017)


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Finavia provides and develops airport and air navigation services with focus on safety, customer-orientation and cost efficiency. Finavia’s comprehensive network of 22 airports enables international connections from Finland — and to different parts of Finland. Helsinki Airport is the leading Northern European transit airport for long-haul traffic. Revenues in 2015 were EUR 353 million, and the number of employees 2300.

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