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Mobile version of IoT

Media release.
Published: 17-Nov-2014 09:30 am
Publisher: IoLiving

Ceruus Oy launches an innovative IoLiving® web service to consumer and business markets. This is a mobile version of the Internet of Things. No fixed base station or router is needed. Small devices, called IoT Catchers®, connect to the web via smartphones, tablets and laptops. All smartphones at home or the workplace function as routers. Mobility offers significant benefits and new user experiences as the system is not fixed to any location but things can be located far away from each other and can be moving. Initialization is simple and the price attractive for consumer markets and for small companies.

Here are some examples of the IoLiving® services. Wherever she is, a mother knows the temperature inside the baby carriage, restaurant staff receives an alarm if the cold chain is broken and eldercare staff can monitor the activity of elderly people also outside of the care home. The IoLiving® service can be used on a web browser from any location. It is easy to share information to friends and colleagues since friends need not install any apps.

The first piloting round is about to end. The service was tested in Finland, Germany and Taiwan. Both consumers and companies contributed to the testing. The fine-tuning of service is ongoing based on the piloting feedback. Mass production of the first IoT Catcher® device has started. Ceruus Oy will launch the IoLiving® service in the near future.

Ceruus completed a funding round successfully in November 2014. Founders, existing owners and Butterfly Ventures contributed to the funding round. “Ceruus team has strong know-how and background in technology development and productization. The IoT platform developed by Ceruus provides a cost-efficient and simple way of producing IoT products and services, and most importantly, Ceruus has obtained several interesting pilot customers for its platform”, comments Ville Heikkinen, Butterfly Ventures.

The Internet of Things and Industrial Internet will be the future tools at home and in companies. This industry sector offers enormous growth potential.


Additional info: Matti Verkasalo, CEO, Ceruus Oy, matti.verkasalo(at)ceruus.com, +358 408215546, www.ceruus.com.

Ceruus Oy is a start-up company developing mobile Internet of Things for consumers and companies. Company employs 8 persons and utilizes partners in Finland and Taiwan.

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