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Made in Finland - a revolutionary skiing innovation to Nordic markets in autumn 2016

Media release.
Published: 15-Apr-2016 11:25 am
Publisher: Skiiot

An extraordinary 7-sensor IoT device called “SKIIOT Powered by Coach4Pro” will be arriving on Nordic markets during autumn 2016. Established by Ex Nokia directors, both companies behind the innovation, Exiops Ab and Coach4Pro, are focused on innovative sports technology.


SKIIOT connects to the heel of a cross-country skier. While being very lightweight and unnoticeable, it measures almost everything there is to know about a cross-country skiing performance, i.e. the condition changes in track, climate and skiers physique. Many measurements are available in real time and the Coach4Pro software ensures the most profoundly professional after ski analysis ever brought to market.


SKIIOT powered by Coach4Pro promises to revolutionise how we train and prepare for both professional and recreational cross-country skiing events. It brings to the table whole new innovative methods of measuring skiers training and performance effiency. On the equipment and maintenance side, it already has revolutionised how to make fast assesments and reassesments pertaining to the ski- and wax/grinding selection.


SKIIOT powered by Coach4Pro is available to pre-order at www.skiiot.com. The pre-order price is 249€, including one year’s subscription to the Coach4Pro personal coaching service.


For more info, please visit www.skiiot.com


SKIIOT® is a registered trademark of Finnish Exiops Ltd, an innovative sports tech company lead by former Nokia-Renesas-Broadcom director Marko Höynälä.


Janne Regelin, Chief Marketing Officer

+358503768277 ; janne.regelin@exiops.com


Marko Höynälä Entrepreneur, CEO

+358504802414 ; marko.hoynala@exiops.com



Established in 2009, Coach4Pro is a company on a mission to build a healthier society. The company specialises in providing sports and health coaching solutions using mobile, database, web and sensor technologies.



Mikko Koskela, CEO Coach4Pro

+358504867492, mikko.koskela@coach4pro.com



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