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Evli Pankki Oyj

Evli is best institutional asset manager of 2015

Media release.
Published: 02-Nov-2015 02:48 pm
Publisher: Evli Pankki Oyj

Evli was selected as Finland’s best asset management house in a recent SFR institutional asset management client survey (personal asset management + funds, overall quality).* In recognition of this, Evli received the SFR Platinum Award for best institutional asset manager. The top position was shared by two asset managers this year.

Evli was the most used asset management house in Finland out of a group of 12 asset managers in total. 60 percent of the institutions that responded to the survey use Evli as their asset manager.

The return on investment operations offered by Evli was assessed to be the best in both one- and three-year periods. Furthermore, Evli was regarded as the most attractive asset management house as clients assessed coming changes in their asset managers in the next 12 months.

"The recognition received from clients is an important indication of confidence and trust in Evli. Having served exacting institutional clients for 30 years, we can say that the best results are obtained through expertise and individual client service that focus on the client’s interests. We foster this uncompromisingly with all our clients,” says Evli's CEO Maunu Lehtimäki.

In SFR’s client survey, Finland’s largest institutional investors assessed the individual asset management service and mutual funds of the asset management houses based on 14 criteria. The survey includes insurance companies, pension foundations and funds, charitable foundations, associations of parishes and cities, for example. SFR is an esteemed client research institution among exacting and Finland’s largest institutional investors.


*= ”SFR Investment Services Programme, Finland 2015; Competitive Positioning Report;” Investment Services Combined (Asset Management & Mutual Funds). Scandinavian Financial Research.

Evli Bank Plc

Evli is a genuine private bank specializing in investment that helps private persons and institutions increase their wealth. The company offers asset management services, capital markets related services, such as brokerage of equities and other instruments, market making, investment research and a full range of Corporate Finance service. The company also offers a comprehensive selection of funds, and bank services that support clients’ investment operations. Evli’s clients are present and future high net worth private individuals, their families and related companies, and also institutional clients, such as insurance companies, pension funds, organizations, municipal authorities and companies. Evli has a professional staff of over 200 employees, and has a total of EUR 8.5 billion in client assets under management (net September 2015). www.evli.com

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