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Celkee Oy

CELKEE Oy announces new Professional release of Celkee Insight® service

Media release.
Published: 13-Nov-2014 08:45 am
Publisher: Celkee Oy

Tampere, Finland – Celkee Oy a leading provider of Human Intelligence based professional tacit knowledge management solutions has today announced Professional release of a Celkee Insight® technology. Celkee Insight® brings new real-time dashboard view of organisation change, transformation and strategic trends and transparent collaboration tools readily available for everyone to share and develop best ideas and practices to support coherent leadership and decision making.  

“Celkee Insight® takes giant steps toward making the management and use of tacit knowledge as competitive advantage for organisation of any size. It promotes collaborative development and review process that makes change, transition, and strategic deployment projects faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever,” said Kimmo Vättö Managing Director of Celkee Oy. “We are excited to announce that with new release we will be able to support our existing customers, channel partners and consultancy firms more effectively and provide the same innovative service to the ever larger organizations.”

Celkee Insight® service arrives with new features that utilises the state of the art Human Intelligence technology including:

  • Support for large organisations and user bases
  • Enhanced analysis to enable pin-pointing the most relevant information faster

Celkee Insight® is available as cloud based service requiring zero level investment on IT-infrastructure. Service is charged as license per user per month and payment plan may vary according the number of licenses in use.

A trial version of Celkee Insight® is available for evaluation at www.celkee.com.

About Celkee Oy

Celkee Oy was founded at September 2012 by four Nokia veterans who wanted to equip great leaders with tools to make better decisions, faster. It has since then provided high quality professional services for a major corporations and developed Software as a Service (SaaS) product called Celkee Insight® based on Human Intelligence technology. Celkee Insight® is a solution that enables doing better decisions faster by leveraging organization’s tacit knowledge transparently in real-time. Celkee Insight® is applicable to the change, transformation, strategy deployment initiatives and continuos improvement needs on organizations of nearly all types and sizes.


To learn more about new professional release, please contact

Kimmo Vättö, Managing Director
Valmetinkatu 5 
33900 Tampere, Finland
Mobile: +358 40 5065934


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