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Cannes Lions study finds: social media marketers should tap into altruism

Media release.
Published: 08-Sep-2015 09:56 am
Publisher: Kurio

Social media success lies in people’s motivation of helping others, states a four-year research based on more than 2000 Cannes Lions winners.

HELSINKI, Finland, Sept. 8 2015 - - The main motivational driver for people to engage in marketing campaigns on social media is the need for helping others, states a new research by the social media agency Kurio. The research is based on the data from Cannes Lions’ winning campaigns 2012-2015, consisting of more than 2000 winners. A white paper with more detailed findings was released today and deeper-level insights will also be presented in eurobest festival in December 2015.

Over the years the data shows that the most successful social media campaigns tap into people’s urge to help someone or something. Marketers of various fields should consider building campaigns around a cause that their brand can credibly stand for, since it has proved to yield great results, no matter if the brand in question is a commercial giant or an NGO.

Other key drivers of engagement include entertaining oneself, thirst for knowledge, and self-branding. The analysis of engagement was based on the internationally acclaimed Sociability of the Brand framework by Kurio.

"In a world where the value of talkability is higher than it's ever been for brands, studying how social media has been embedded across the Cannes Lions is not only important but also fascinating and inspiring", says Senta Slingerland, Director of Brand Strategy for Cannes Lions Festival.

Other key findings from Cannes Lions 2015 include:

  • 2 out of 3 winners have social media at the core of the campaign, which is a huge leap from last year’s 44%.
  • Half of all social media campaigns are also content marketing campaings, which means these two are tightly intertwined.
  • One fifth of social media campaigns are real-time marketing, which is another growing trend in marketing.
  • Hashtags mark every fourth social media campaign, which means the majority of them succeed without one.

A white paper of the research, titled “World-class Lessons on Social Media Marketing”, was released today. The report and additional insights will be presented by Kurio in The European Festival of Creativity, eurobest, in Antwerp this December.

Download the white paper: http://kurio.fi/canneslions


For additional information please contact:
Dr. Tommi Opas, CEO
Kurio, The Social Media Agency
Laivurinkatu 43
00150 Helsinki, Finland


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Kurio is a Finland-based social media agency based that offers consulting, training, research and hands-on content marketing and community management services for top 100 companies in Finland and Scandinavia. Kurio bridges the gap between traditional and social media.

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