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Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

Are you happy with the performance of you seat-back entertainment system?

Media release.
Published: 25-Feb-2015 07:15 am
Publisher: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

When you compare a typical in-seat entertainment system to your smart phone or tablet, you may feel it is a bit slow and inaccurate. “The screen in front of the passenger is certified to meet safety and regulatory requirements, but not necessarily thoroughly tested from the end-user experience perspective. Due to long product life cycles the touch screen technology in in-flight entertainment systems is often outdated. Our digital lifestyle expect user-friendly and responsive interfaces not only in tablets and smart phones, but also in cars, home appliances and even in airplanes. OptoFidelity life-like user interface test systems ensure that these expectations are met and exceeded.” says OptoFidelity CEO Pertti Aimonen.

Increasing need for testing

According to Aimonen, the development of user-friendly devices is getting more complicated, while the product lifecycle is shortening. “In mobile devices the multi-touch input method is not a differentiator anymore.

We are seeing new technologies coming out with an increasing pace. At the upcoming Barcelona Mobile World Congress we will see products with stylus control, 3D imaging, curved displays and other new interaction methods.”

The number of consumers who actively use multiple digital devices is growing. This diversification offers many strategic possibilities for manufacturers to succeed, and also to fail in creation of new products. Top-notch product quality, end-user satisfaction and faster time to market can be achieved only with automated end-to-end testing.

Life-like testing automation at the core of OptoFidelity

OptoFidelity test systems simulate human behavior on devices to provide the most authentic and accurate results for manufacturers. “We integrate our Human Simulator™ software platform with high-end, industrial robots. We can test any new device: large or small, curved of flat – even smart glasses, pen-like input methods or hand gesture control. Our test automation is based on high-end technology combined with cross-functional expertise,” Aimonen says.

OptoFidelity has exceptional talent focusing on robot assisted testing automation and special performance measurement instruments. “We operate globally with top-tier customers in the handset, automotive, telecom and entertainment industry. Our passion is in new technologies, cognitive software, measurement technology and solving customer’s problems,” Aimonen states.

Come and meet OptoFidelity at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2.-5.3.2015 at booth 5C31 Team Finland department!

Additional information and contact: http://bit.ly/1AXwdf6
Publisher: Editori.fi


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