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Teerenpeli Yhtiöt Oy

A world premiere: Teerenpeli 10-year old single malt from Finland

Media release.
Published: 02-Oct-2015 09:50 am
Publisher: Teerenpeli Yhtiöt Oy

- a whisky with a taste of the ice age, Finland’s four seasons, and pristine nature.

The first Finnish 10-year-old single malt whisky will be launched at the Whisky Show, in London, on 3 October 2015 at 2 pm, accompanied by whisky writer Ian Buxton. Established in 2002, Teerenpeli Distillery is a pioneer and market leader in the Finnish whisky field. The distillery’s annual production volume is set to quadruple from the current 40,000 litres once work on the new distillery is completed in November 2015. As Finland’s first 10-year-old whisky, the new Teerenpeli single malt release represents a historic milestone. It is made in the land of a thousand lakes, under the midnight sun, using groundwater filtered through a esker formed during the last ice age. Teerenpeli Distillery’s meticulous work spanning several years is now bearing fruit, so let’s raise our glasses to that – “kippis” = sláinte!

Traditional copper stills and high-quality raw materials

Located in Lahti, in Southern Finland, Teerenpeli Distillery distils its whisky in traditional copper pot stills manufactured in Scotland. Malted barley and water of the highest quality are selected as ingredients. Created during the ice age some 10,000 years ago, the Salpausselkä esker forms an efficient natural filter that produces groundwater of such purity that it can be enjoyed as it is, without further purification. The oxygen-rich groundwater of the Salpausselkä region does not contain excessive quantities of iron, salt, or other minerals that could affect its colour or flavour. This water is renowned for its clarity and freshness. Teerenpeli uses only local barley, grown in a clean, unpolluted environment. Thanks to Finland’s four seasons, the growing season of this barley is as intense as it is short. Lahti-based malting company Viking Malt malts the barley, with the Finnish peat lending the malt its subtle smoky flavour. Teerenpeli Group’s managing director, Anssi Pyysing, regards the launch of the 10-year single malt as a historic occasion: ‘The launch of our 10-year-old whisky is a significant milestone for Teerenpeli Distillery. As pioneers of the Finnish whisky culture, we have devoted many years of determined work to reaching this goal, and we are still aiming high.”

The Finnish premiere on 10th October

After its world premiere, the whisky will see its Finnish launch on 10th October 2015 in all Teerenpeli restaurants. In Finland, the product will be available in state-owned alcohol shops in November. Teerenpeli 10yo single malt whisky will be exported and it is available on the whisky exchange webshop thewhiskyexchange.com

Teerenpeli single malt 10yo, 43%. Aged in bourbon and sherry casks. 
Description, by Finnish whisky author Jarkko Nikkanen

“Nose: Malty, as is typical of Teerenpeli, with the sweetness of vanilla, slightly similar to an approaching thunderstorm. Promising! Palate: Oily and full-bodied, with toasted sugar and pepper. Finish: Medium long, warming, with malty notes, spiced with a hint of liquorice and roasted green apple. Other notes: A huge step forward from the eight-year! All the pieces are falling into place.”

The Whisky Show, on 3–4 October 2015: whiskyshow.com  

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Anssi Pyysing, CEO of Teerenpeli Group – tel. +358 500 830 458, anssi.pyysing@teerenpeli.com 
Jari Mämmi, Sales and Marketing Manager – tel. +358 40 679 3605, jari.mammi@teerenpeli.com


Background: Teerenpeli Group, established in 1994, is an innovative Finnish family-owned business operating in the restaurant, brewing and distilling industry, consisting of  Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery, seven Teerenpeli restaurants and two Taivaanranta restaurants. Teerenpeli Group has an annual turnover of over EUR 10 million, and the company employs more than 70 people. The word Teerenpeli describes the courtship ritual or mating game of the Black Grouse and also refers to flirtation. Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery uses renewable energy in the production of its beverages. teerenpeli.com

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