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Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

Smart City challenges visitors at Heureka

Media release.
Published: 16-Jun-2014 01:30 pm
Publisher: Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus


Smart City challenges visitors at Heureka

The new Smart City exhibition will be opened as part of Heureka's main exhibition on Tuesday, 17 June. Smart City provides an interesting and novel look at how cities work in the information age. Key characteristics of a smart city include ubiquitous information technology that blends into the urban environment, open information sources, and the participation of the city's residents in its development. 

The Smart City exhibition showcases how information and communications technology is used to improve traffic, safety, energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness, for instance. Visitors will get to examine up-to-date traffic data maps on aircraft in European airspace, ships in the Gulf of Finland, and public transit in the Greater Helsinki Area, as well as learn how satellite positioning works.  At the Driving Simulator 2.0 exhibit, visitors can drive from the centre of Tampere to the new Rantaväylä lakeside route, assisted by the new smart features of the car. In the search and rescue ship simulator, the task is to find a person who has fallen overboard off the coast of Helsinki.

Smart City is part of the main exhibition at Heureka, which also includes the Wind in the Bowels, About a Coin and Under Cover! exhibitions. The same entry ticket also provides access to the Children's Heureka exhibition, the Heureka Goes Crazy exhibition on mental health, Heureka Classics and the Galilei Science Park.

The Smart City exhibition was organised in cooperation with ITS Finland ry, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport Agency, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, the Liikenneturva traffic safety association, Vaisala and Festo. The media partner of the exhibition is Vantaan Sanomat.

For additional information, contact:
Exhibition Producer Vesa Lepistö, Heureka, tel. +358 (0)40 9015 397, vesa.lepisto@heureka.fi
Experience Director Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka, tel. +358 (0)40 9015 244, mikko.myllykoski@heureka.fi

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, is among Finland’s most popular leisure time destinations. Heureka opened to the public on April 28, 1989 and attracts nowadays on the average 300 000 visitors a year. It is a lively hands-on exhibition and activity centre for all ages. Heureka has three exhibition halls for interactive exhibits and a modern digital planetarium. Everything works in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish, partly also in Russian and Estonian. Heureka is located  in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in city of  Vantaa, Tikkurila, and it is open around the year. More information: www.heureka.fi

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